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    January 01, 2011


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    Melodramatic much? Honestly, it didn't ruin my party or scare my kids. It was, though, very difficult to watch. I thought it made a mockery of an iconic figure who should have faded out of the limelight after his stroke. He is no longer relevant to our younger generation and not nearly as "needed" on the show as the producers probably think. Having spent my youth watching him every new year's eve, seeing him so painfully work through his lines just made me want to cry.


    He is the show's producer and owns the production company. It is the same company that produces at least two awards shows also aired by ABC. If watching old people with speech impairments makes you uncomfortable...wait for it...change the channel.


    Fraley, you misunderstand. It's not being "uncomfortable" with the impediment or his disabilities from the stroke. It's feeling empathy for him as he struggles to be able to speak clarly enough for the audience to understand him, and finding that much of the time we cannot. It's also a bit of frustration at seeing someone who should exit stage left (bring anyone else to mind here??)refuse to do so. Yes, we always have the decision to change the channel & in my house we did.


    I watched Dick Clark on "American Bandstand" in the early 80s, I listened to "Dick Clark's Rock, Roll, and Remember," and many times he was on television when the clock struck midnight on January 1st. When I found out he'd been around since the 50s, I thought he was some sort of vampire, or Dorian Gray. I haven't tuned in on New Year's Eve since the stroke because I want to remember him in a good way. It's not about me being agist, or uncomfortable with someone's disability...I just think he should have retired with dignity a long time ago.

    Wait, so what you're saying is this is what the Minnesota Vikings get to look forward to in a few years?

    Oh, joy.


    I didn't watch. My time with this icon was prior to icon status watching 1950s Bandstand.

    The world's oldest teenager should retire... it's way past time.

    BTW Happy New Year!


    Happy New Year to you Joyce.
    Hope to see you on James facebook!


    Happy New Year to all of you.

    Chenequa Whitey

    Shortly before midnight I was sitting on my leopard print sofa wearing my Chistmas Coogi slurping jello pudding whilst loading my new year nine when commie zombie Dick Clark reared his desiccated whitefish head and scared the bejesus outa me & Kitty


    Maddie - Saukville

    Breaking news, Dick Clark Productions has hired Ozzy Osbourne to host New Year's Mumbling Eve through 2036! When asked about the details of the deal, Ozzy responded, "L-ll-oo0-k, hassah inmidible b-b-b-all nth a 't-ten, nnn...even...' I-I-I-I porsebeum li-lipe SHARRRON!" Who can argue with with that?


    UGH... will not bother to tune in this year either! Aging process has affected the brain... of both so-called icons.


    Wow! The blog & comments.

    Talk about reaching for shock factor.

    Dick Clark, Old people come on.

    Didn't you get start in radio, by being in what some say a very very close relationship with a old white guy!

    I am not raciest nor do I care about your life style!

    I just figured you got hurt in a relationship with some older white guy.

    Why else would you attack Dick clark. most old people are loved by someone.

    Apparently your still hurt from that relationship. I really don't know. hope you get over it . Time will help james T

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