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January 12, 2011


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Thank YOU, James, and I will follow you on FB. :-)


I guess I'm going to have to figure out how to use Facebook. I hope the podcast links are there.


James T, I'll miss coming to this site. It was apart of my daily websites.

I still remembered hearing the infamous breast feeding story and I couldn't call in because I didn't know AM620's phone number. I later added to my cell phone address book.

Remember to take off for the Superbowl, but maybe the Pack will be in it, so you won't have to work.



Nice to see Justice Sandra Day O'Connor there next to Daniel Hernandez at the Tucson memorial service.


James, I discovered you as a listener on KFAQ in Tulsa, whenever you were filling in for our own Elvis Polo or debating Eddie Huff, and I just want you to know I applaud your continued success, and I hope that the conversation truely goes national! I'll catch up with you on Facebook!



TexasTodd, or Sail'nTodd here. I was so pleased to hear your voice when I moved to Milwaukee (Franklin), some 18 months ago. (From Texas obviously).

At one of the S. Walker rallies, I was fortunate enough to meet and talk to you.

Keep up the message, keep the faith, I know you will.

I'll start going to FB!


Sad day for us! I still pop in to read the insanity here, and it is still great times!

I don't do Facebook, but I am sure I will figure out a way to keep up with the best radio talent to come out of Milwaukee.

We will keep you in our hearts and prayers. Thanks for everything James.


James, I am already on facebook and have been doing both. For me facebook works better.

@Todd, I am so glad you will follow on facebook. We also meet at that Walker rally and it was nice to be able to put a face to the comments.

@Happenstance, I know you haven't been commenting much of late but I will miss you on facebook. You definitely were a presence on this blog and I learned a lot from you. My best wishes to you in the future.

Now on to facebook, infinity and beyond!!


James I've been following you so long, I have no idea when I started, at least 2 years if not 3-4. I'll pay some closer attention on Facebook, I have a fairly busy profile myself so I'll bump up your posts in my feed. All the best, God's blessings to you and your family.


Yeah Legion I haven't seen you on James facebook too much lately.
Glad to know you will be checking in more often.


Cut it loose if it ain't rakin' in dough.

Fazebook & Twittah can be awesomely profitable platforms for hacks wallowing in the mud of grievance politics.

Fake it 'til you're rakin' it!


Be well James. God bless...

Maddie - Saukville

We first became acquainted on TMJ radio following the Krispy Kreme Madison police chase and suggested we roll around naked in the sugary goodness and not long after that, we discovered shocking evidence that Gorebal Warming was hoax when my trusty passenger seat mounted mobile electron microscope revealed two identical snowflakes captured on my windshield while driving in a snowstorm on I43.

I am sad your blog is at an end particularly as blogging will be the extent of my interest in ever advancing communications technologies but I was hoping it was indication of growing demand for your talents, thus you'll receive no complaints from me. You're an outstanding voice and a beautiful face for conservatism and true equality and I wish you success always.

Dan K

Can't say I disagree with trimming the fat from one's endeavors; I try to do it all the time. I'm adding you on Facebook and hope to hear a lot more from you on TV and radio James!



Was good conversation while it lasted...Better use of your talent elsewhere. Have not checked in much lately, but I do wish you all the best in your endeavors. I am not a regular FaceBooker, but i will add you. Will miss some of the faithfuls, Maddypie, Legion, Joyce, Maddie to name a few.

God Bless Jt


Thanks BiM, I've had some of the best conversations on here with you. all the best to you as well, and though I try to stay far away from facebook, I hope to bump into you there. Cheers !


I am already a Facebook follower. Thanks for the laughs and great blogs JT. We love you


That tumble weed sez it all.

Charyl Zehfus

James, one more reason to spend time on Facebook (and I don't care if they track me there and keep my computer records showing I've been visiting you, Mr. T, voice of sanity!)
Will miss you on the Milwaukee scene, but enjoy your growing exposure. God bless.
Charyl Zehfus

Black Walnut

Koch-Cain needs our prayers,
...and money

Block needs forged passports,
...and money.

Don't forget the money.

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