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    December 18, 2010


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    BHO has made it all too obvious that he was not qualified for the job.

    I tried to tell some of my frindes, and siblings, but they too were too gullible.

    As far as McCain goes, while I admire his service and scrifice also, He was a poor choice for the Repos on 2008. In 2008, the one with the most sense (Ron Paul, M.D.) was villified by the liberal press though.


    I'm not a McCain fan, but I do find it interesting that some folks who call McCain a waffler......(which he is), have nothing to say about John Kerry, or Obama for that matter. Isn't it interesting how the double standard works. It's amazing to me, Merry Christmas all....and if you're offended by that statement, you have worse things to worry about. In my view, there are two kinds of people. Folks that believe in God, and folks that will. Yes, Jesus was probably born in April and Constantine probably co-opted the Dec 25th day as a recruiting tool because pagans celebrated the Winter Solstice, (Dec 21), ..think what you will...

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