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    December 18, 2010


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    Pam Tetreault

    nothing worse than a liar.


    This would have been an easy promise to keep. Obviously he has shown us what he really thinks of us.

    Only the lemmings still follow...


    And many people I know actually fell for it. Intelligent, well-off people, including my own siblings!!

    I tried to tell them then that with his background, and lack thereof, that he was bad news for the USA. These people are so gullible, and so full of a perception of guilt.

    Oh yea, I'll change things-yea right.
    In my profession, I deal with people often not telling the whole truth. My gut reaction to this big eared guy was right all along. Had nothing to do with his skin color.

    James T.- you could quickly get a following faster than he did on the campaign trail- and we'd all be better off for it!!

    Maddie - Saukville

    When a bill ends up on my desk, no more closed door deals, everything on C-Span, no more two Americas, closing Gitmo, no tax cuts for the rich, restore our respect around the world, the oceans will stop rising, today is the day we provide care for the sick, the lion shall lie with the lamb....

    Granted, I'm quite happy he lies at times, or is woefully inept at carrying out his plans, but, I'd much rather have a President who says he is going to do something, whether I like what that is or not and then actually have the President do what he said he'd do. Not only would I rather have that President but I'd have more respect for that President, even if I disagreed with him frequently, even if he occasionally said something really stupid or ill-informed and he was the type who'd say, look, I'm not an english major and sometimes the words come out wrong but I think most people know what is in my heart and that that is what I meant.

    Alas, if only there had been a man like that and not some pompous elitist who proclaimed to be all things to all people but in reality was nothing to no one, who denied his roots, lied about his friends and even betrayed them when convenient. And sigh, if only there had been people who tried to warn us that this was where we were headed before the latter even became a nominee let alone President-elect, who tried to ask questions despite beat-downs by the MSM and left-wing but I repeat myself, a man of reason with the courage to stand up without regard for the color of anyone's skin but concern for the contents of men's character, ask a decent man (perhaps a man who fought and suffered for his country and her ideals rather than blowing it up from within), who was not without flaws himself, to take it to the Pompous One, the ashamed of America One, the One who would bow before anyone and everyone except his fellow countrymen, mmm-mmm-mmm!

    How could we have been so foolish?! Why didn't we see the warning signs?! Is there per chance a woman somewhere, out there who has been mistreated, misquoted, hated and berated whom our man of reason might call upon to take up the challenge that approaches again?

    Where can one find a man of reason who formed his opinions based upon his beliefs and not the pigmentation of his epidermus, who was threatened, intimidated, belittled and betrayed for so being, he would surely have his manhood face the same empty scrutiny of the unqualified for appealing to a woman, still, he should be a beautiful man, a man who loved football and perhaps at times the QB, a man who be friend of canine though possibly a botique breed, a man who knows his car or more likely minivan, one who could carry off a sharp suit or flip-flops and a fanny-pack.

    We shall have to scour the parties of tea, the pews but beyond the first row, the parks of poodle lineage; we shall have to walk the urban streets our ears tweaked for the whistle of a fishin' hole tune!

    Actually, if we could get Don Pardo to read that last bit, a man of reason were he to take to the airwaves just might have a new intro?


    I'm not surprised Dereck has not chimed in here in defense of his choice for President.


    The puppet has cut his strings. Pelosi and Reid were running the show until "ears" busted loose and decided to get real and move, some- what, to the center on policy making. The Dems are pissed at "O" now, and his one term will be a lesson to all as to how to pick a qualified candidate in the future.


    The other choice was Mccain, that speaks of itself. Dude is a spineless weasel. His vice president couldn't even finish a term as governor

    But even getting away from that... I'm supposed to trade healthcare, a responsible end to Iraq, the end of DADT, student loan reform etc. and those are the big things. Allowing the FAA to enter into arbitration with my union is a small thing but has affected me very positively... i'm supposed to give all that up because you all want to bitch about not being able to read a bills most of you wouldn't understand in the first place?


    derek.We all know that if we had had a Christmas list of choice for 2008, Republican candidates may have been a bit larger and other choices may have been made. That being said, calling John McCain a "spineless weasel" , a man that was tortured in a hovel in Vietnam, survived it and came home after putting his life on the line, so an ungrateful puke like you, can disparage his devotion to his country, question his honor and just simply bad mouth him is despicable. No doubt you found nothing but a lump of coal in your stocking this Christmas. Oh wait. You being a communist, and not believing in Christmas, wouldn't matter to you any way, would it comrade?


    Oh Oh, the Grinch gnat is forgetting his history again.
    Naughty Naughty gnat.
    Santa will have nothing in his sack for you except except the DNA results to see if you are related to the commie jackass hussein.
    Don't get your hopes up. The commie jackass probably wasn't born is this County, let alone hatched on this earth.
    Sorry buddy boy gnat, he is the biggest illegale alien on earth!! LOL


    Maddy, remember that history for derek began in 1982 or 83 ... McCain's imprisonment happened before then, so d has no clue on that.

    Note too that he decided to attack Palin rather than deal with the substance (or lack of) of this issue: BO promised that all non-emergency legislation would get the five day waiting period for public review and comment and it has been done on only a small amount of bills. Health care (non-emergency) was not given this review; even the first piece of legislation under his administration, the Leddy Ledbetter (sp?) Act, a non-emergency bill, was not given this review.

    Whether it is HRC who decides to run in the Dem primary or the GOP candidate in 2012, they're going to have a lot of rich material to pull from.

    Maddie - Saukville

    I'd like to see, no, I'd pay to see Derek go through five and a half days of the five and a half years John McCain spent in the Hanoi Hotel. I'd pay a lot, but he's too much a feline to come out of the cave he shares with his uncle, Osama. Even the puke gnat can reach new lows.


    What did the hanoi hilton make him other than a spineless weasel with a sympathetic story? Does NVA torture turn people into romneyesqe flip floppers? He's supposed to get a pass on principle just because he was a POW?


    Shame on you derek... "What did the hanoi hilton make him other than a spineless weasel..."

    You, kid are the "spineless" one unwilling to defend and serve your country.

    You expend countless hours cutting America down. Why stay in a country you clearly have little or no respect for? And no respect for individuals, like McCain ready to lay down his life to preserve freedom.

    Does freedom mean nothing to you?

    MC Fat Jesus

    McLame has always been entirely devoid of character.

    Bunking at the Hanoi Hilton wasn't his first choice, he was just too hungover to dodge a flying telephone pole & when he got back home he threw his cripple wife under a bus and married the richest debutant in Arizona. Some hero.


    Another America-hater heard from... how pathetic.

    BTW... this posting isn't about the defeated presidential candidate... a$$wipe.

    It's about the liar-in-chief.


    Yeah derek, shame on you, cutting America down like that. What you are really doing, by saying John McCain was a waffler, is being un-American. Don't you know that being a POW gives you the right to do whatever you want and still be credible??!?! Come on! How dumb are you??? How un-patriotic can you be? Questioning the validity of instant credibility due to military service, shame on you!!!!

    You must want to be an imprisoned servant because you questioned the political character of a former POW.


    So predictable. All the kids come out when the ice cream van, ( derek ), rings it's bell. I'm not a fan of McCain the politician either, but as a war vet who was imprisoned, he deserves respect. Merry Christmas to all of you Christians, and to the rest of you, whatever.




    Whatever to you too Frank, nice to see you haven't lost your touch with insults and snide comments. I don't seem to recall anyone ringing a bell, maybe the bell that was rung is the utter stupidity with which you and the rest of your drones stumble through arguments.


    Did I name you, Chris, in my post? Your sarcasm in your last post shows your snide opinion of anyone who disagrees with what matters to you, so get off your high horse. Hey, and If the shoe fits. Your not adding to the subject, your just looking to start something. Not in the mood. derek knows he can get a reaction out of some of us, by ripping a P.O.W. just for the sake of doing it. You being a Marine, if you are, should feel some kind of kinship to McCain as far as you both served your country. With that being said, the similarity stops there. I'm not giving McCain high marks, nor you for that matter, so leave it at that. If it applies, Merry Christmas.


    mc fat troll = uneducated


    Obama has been weighed, measured, and been found wanting. It's clear to anyone with eyes and ears. What I can't fathom is why all of the Lefties pop off with things about McCain as though he is the end-all-be-all of conservative candidates. Much as I admire his service and sacrifice, I was less than thrilled that he was the nominee, so I really wish you would find a better way to defend Obama than, "Well, McCain sucks!" It's kind of a "so what?" argument for me.



    (cue the tantrum)


    "Looky, mom changed me into my big boy pants after i went doo-doo, then let me play on the compooter" said NAAA-NAA NA BOO-BOO. Good grief.

    Maddie - Saukville

    I would have thought Derek and Derek Jr (chrissy) would have been on their best behavior with Santa coming in a few days, even just to avoid adding more coal to their carbon footprints but they're just to bad or dumb or both.

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