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    December 13, 2010


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    No teleprompter! Obama seems impressed!

    Maddie - Saukville

    Thanks for the laugh nosredna, James; no, they can't, they really can't!


    Like this junk in the trunk *itch gives a crap about our Military.
    Screw you mooch-ee! PARENTS will decide what their children eat not you.
    Now go pack your "big girl" pants for your Christmas vacation in Hawaii, you know what a pig you eat like when you are on vacation.
    And try to feed that skinny ass spineless husband of yours. Maybe if we can get some FOOD to his brain rather than just beer and cigs he will be able to give a press conference without acting like a commie chicken sh*t, leaving it to a past president to deal with!


    I do agree with her that the schools should reinforce what kids are being taught at home, but government is just becoming way too nannyish. They need to spend more time and attention on the three Rs (readin', writin', and rithmetic)!


    So let's just guilt our kids into losing a few pounds by telling them our safety and well being in America hinges on some of them being overweight. Yes there are more kids than ever that need to be more fit, but to lay this weight ( no pun intended ) on children , smacks of NAZI propaganda tactics, not to mention, kids have more pressure growing up than ever.


    Ooops, I meant ritin', not writin'! Need ta git more skoolin'.


    Lefties have no sense of irony. These aging hippies and their spawn are the ones who always said, "you can't tell me what to do, I'll grow my hair as long as I want, smoke as much weed as I want, sleep with whom ever I want, and you can't push your moral agenda on me!" Now that they have the power, they have no problem imposing bans on smoking, trans-fats, and even radio broadcasts that go against their political agenda. After all, it's for your own good- no, wait, even better! for the good of your country! Why, what could be more patriotic than giving up your freedoms as a parent and an individual? I'm here to tell you hippie-crits that it is a person's god-given right to be a drunk, or fat, or lazy, or an addict. If you don't like it, stop funding government programs that support people when they make poor descisions...that should be up to a person's family, whether they get help or not and up to the individual as to whether or not they even want it.


    The federal government is taking over and intruding into too many aspects of our lives. Every intrusion is characterized as good for us but, by doing so, the federal government is delivering services or preventing behavior that can be handled and done better by individuals, parents or government at the local and state level. At less expense too, as the federal government cost includes more overhead, more employees and less day to day oversight of the mission.

    When the federal government makes decisions on what a kid at school puts on a lunch plate, we have given it too much power and are neglecting our own responsibility for our lives.


    Next up... no small fridges in the dorm rooms and all students, including those living off campus MUST buy the food meal program.

    Whaaaaa... can Michelle Antoinette hold hands with the college grad on their way to a job interview!

    Has Time mag named her first mother of America yet? After all... she is so much smarter than the average parent.

    Maddie - Saukville

    You make an outstanding point about the baby-boomer issues with authority and conformity Andrew! What the hell happened? This type never accepted either and how far did parents, officials and anyone else get with them with 'do as I say not as I do' 30-60 years ago?! Maybe their hatred for authority figures was such that they so bought into the enemy of their enemy being their friends that they became the socialists and fascists their elders were trying to defend us from, how ironic on many levels. Michelle Antoinette Joyce! Love it. Wasn't she the one who said something to the effect during the '07-'08 campaign that the US shouldn't give so much help to Haiti so quickly, that if the children went naked for a while, they'd learn to appreciate us more? I think it was Michelle Antoinette-I'll have to see if I can track that down again.

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