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    December 14, 2010


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    The video seems okay to me. Don't feel guilty a bit, and why should I?


    I thought it was profound, and so I had to share. You know me, my two cents always get thrown in when our Creator is the subject.

    Andrea A.

    I don't understand why anyone would think this is anything new. It's not. Men and women thoroughout the ages have always been like this... always sinning, stepping away from Him, testing Him etc. And like He is to blame for it - not. Just another case of someone trying to blame things on God instead of accepting responsibility.

    Andrea A.

    and another thing... if anything this is just a another really good reason why someone SHOULD get with God. The further apart from Him you are, the more the Advesary can step in and wreak havoc like he has and will continue to do.



    hypnotic goofy shizzle alert

    Maddie - Saukville

    Respectfully, James, I'm not following you, could you splain it to me? I don't feel guilty in the least either. I'm not certain what the message of the spot is beyond the obvious that man is still very flawed, the marriage issue seems a bit lost in there and, I'd argue, more of us in this nation still seem to understand what it has meant until recently have successfully defended it, no?

    I profusely admit I'm not a religious scholar to any substantial degree but aren't the the sequence of events in the spot a bit off? Maybe it is semantics the Trinity always was? I thought God sent us his son and that was some time after our own creation. God knew him forever but us, just for a little over two thousand years. That was also after we were cast out, already given the spark of the devine via the ability to pro-create which, at least at the time, was a punishment from God, correct?

    The Word


    OG christian members could only be swelled by proselytizing.

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