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    December 14, 2010


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    It looked as though he went out of his lane, and into the oncoming lane (there was no oncoming traffic) to plow it down.

    Perhaps that was the problem? I personally really don't see why they should have asked him to resign.


    Aren't there laws about placing objects in the street which obstruct traffic?

    Maddie - Saukville

    If the guy was in his personal vehicle, I'd have an issue with him losing his job or being pressured out of it if that is what happened, however, I would not have a problem with him being ticketed for this. While I believe hsgbdmama is correct about obstructing traffic, the driver's behavior is still wrong. Set aside that he is responsible for the safety of the passengers on the bus and that the bus most likely belongs to a private company or tax payers in some form, there could have been a kid standing behind it, building it or someone could have maliciously built a concrete core in frosty. It was stupid and reckless and if I were his supervisor, I'd have fired him for it and he should be thankful if that was all that would have happened to him. Maybe it isn't the best analogy but it reminds me of the Jetblue moron.

    Cindy in West Bend

    This is great! The bus driver aimed for that snowman. I'll bet that made his day!

    All you whiners, the busdriver had fun. He didn't hurt anyone, and he only hit a snowman. Sheesh, get a life. Like the safety of the passengers were as risk because he hit a snowman. No wonder our country is in peril. You wimps.


    Maddie - Saukville

    I looked for a story about injuries or death occurring from a similar incident (didn't find anything but not interested in seaching further than a dozen results) and this is apparently a really common winter prank. The first time some scumbag thinks it would be even funnier to build a brick core or do some other malicious thing and watch the carnage, I think James and Cindy will, or should, regret their laughing. Even if there is no intent, the moron who built the thing could lose interest (in fact, it seems highly likely in the ADD/ADHD age) and I'm sure even a hardened frozen snowman head could do some serious damage. So by the same token, I'd ticket the dumbass who built the thing in the road or pushed it there but ha-ha-ha, it's been done, get a life and stop it already before someone is hurt.


    I'm with Maddie on this. Read this>
    then tell me the driver shouldn't have been fired or at least suspended.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Snopes is one of my bookmarked reference sites and I didn't think of the pile of leaves example, thanks Andrew.

    Here is what this boils down to for me, a vehicle isn't an entertainment device. If it was, you wouldn't need a license to use one. There are times to be goofy, if your last name is Knoxville is one, if you're supposed to be responsible for a couple of tons or more of fast moving steel containing flammable liquids is not.

    There are many videos of this, one other I watched was a volvo that next hit a snowbank in front of a billboard tower which was clearly staged. That could have turned out unexpectedly. This one doesn't involve a staged driver because the car avoids it and the bus crosses the street. So, you can't stop people from doing stupid and possibly dangerous things apparently but again, it's been done already, I hope no one else feels the compulsion and then, as far as I could find out, no one will ever be injured or worse from crashing through a snowman. There are already enough accidental deaths involving snow, in fact on the same day this video (it was posted on 12/14am, I assumed it was shot 12/13pm) was shot a municipal plow killed a pedestrian in Woodville Wisconsin. Leave it up to Jackass and then you can laugh when the unfortunate happens because the participants were volunteers and self-confessed idiot savants.

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