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    December 18, 2010


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    Maddie - Saukville

    Can't wait! Worked Sat, couldn't listen. I'll call and disagree with you if you want to talk bus driver, you know I'll still respect you in the morning!


    James, caught some of your show on Sat. I think you went overboard with DADT. Having served in the Corps, we only gave blanket parties to screw ups. It's not like A Few Good Men. Think Full Metal Jacket. You stretch a blanket across his upper body, then everyone takes 1 shot with the heel of a shoe, or a bar of soap wrapped in a towel. It hurts, but leaves no mark. It's brutal, but effective, and it wasn't done on a whim. It usually occurred in Basic after the whole platoon had been dusted multiple times, made to do heavy PT in the dirt, because of the same guy fouling up.

    As for gays serving, things like that don't become an issue until you get one of those 'in your face' types. That type of person has to make everything an issue, and loudly. Then, it becomes a problem. Did I know any gays while I served? No. Yet, it wouldn't have made a difference, for me or many of the guys I knew. We all knew gay people before we entered the service. I do, however, wish that Politicians and theorists would quit using the Military for social experimentation. That kind of tripe can make for piss poor readiness.


    James- did your Tucson time change? It has been 8-10 since daylight savings time changed. This week 9-11?

    Maddie - Saukville

    Darn Billiam, sorry I had to punch the clock Saturday. I'll have to wait for the podcast. Thank you for your service.

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