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    December 02, 2010


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    Stubborn Mule

    James, the "No compromise! Fight the Republicans." sounds eerily similar to the "play team ball" espoused by Mssrs. McConnell and Boehner in the light of the GOPs resounding defeat in '08. Strategy worked for the Republicans--obstruct, obfuscate, and raise the passion level. Get ready to reap what you've sown!


    All together, now, lefties: "Please, Mr. President, don't let the evil rich people keep the money they earn! Because if they're rich, they must have stolen it...right? Yeah, stolen it from the poor! And...and...making them less rich will make me more rich...right? Right? Soak 'em, Obama! Man, I'm so not looking forward to job hunting when my unemployment runs out..." That was great, I think we got all the shots we need. Here's your ten bucks each. Remember, vote early, and vote often!


    Libtards don't understand that borrowing $700 BILLION from China and giving it to the uber-rich is our patriotic American plutocratic duty. Silly libtards.


    if the tax cuts were at a higher echelon than $250 000 I don't think most of us would have as much problem with it. Problem is a shit load of small businesses fall in that bracket and that doesn't help them when they are struggling already. Energy has gone up, food has gone up, gas has gone up, and all of this affects all of us. Don't just eliminate tax cuts for those making millions make them pay more, for a limited time. Maybe tax rates should be determined by your political beliefs. If you are liberal pay more because you believe the government can psend your money better than you, and if you are conservative or libertarian then you should be exempt ... wouldn't that be fair ?

    James T.

    Very fair!!! I like it!


    Thanks James, I was being a bit irreverant but in its own way it does make sense


    " it to the uber-rich..."

    The government isn't "giving" anything to the rich... It is money they earned. It's their money!

    What person works for a poor person? Anyone know of any poor people that own and run businesses?


    "What person works for a poor person? Anyone know of any poor people that own and run businesses?"

    There's a lot of them running day care in Milwaukee, but that is a true example of government "giving".


    We have had these tax cuts for 8 years now. I have ot seen where it has created jobs, the opposite is true;hemmoraging of our jobs.
    Legion, what you say would make sense, only if you consider that as it is right now less than 50 percent of the employed pays federal taxes. Raising the exempt ceiling to above 250,000 would mean that even less would pay taxes. If there is any garauntee that such a proposal would stimulate the economy, and I see no evidence of that in the last 8 years, then by all means raise the ceiling.

    I still maintain that the rich should pay their fair share of taxes. They are abundantly willing and able to do so. The defict hawks are talking out of both sides of their mouths, as they always do. Borrow 700 billion to give tax breaks to the rich while we are simultaneously trying to reduce the deficit. This with ample evidence that tax cut for the rich has not worked as any job creating stimulus.
    As for obstuction, thats a GOP strategy...but since their single most important goal is to defeat Obama, then go ahead. The American electorate is very fickle. We will see how it sevres them in 2012.

    James T.

    Ahhhhh... Honest descent. Good to hear from you BIM!


    Hey Terry... many day care owners may have started the business as poor people; however some have figured out the get-rich-quick scheme of this business in Wisconsin.

    BIM... How much is "fair"?

    70% enough?

    Eventually even the left may realize... as European nations are now realizing... they're running out of spending money.


    "The government isn't "giving" anything to the rich... It is money they earned. It's their money!"

    Damn straight!

    Let's borrow $700 GAZZILLION from China so's nobody's be payin' NO taxes no mo'!

    Maddie - Saukville

    I wasn't sure what to say following the first three comments now Legion and Joyce and BiM have inspired me.

    First, the $250k figure always has seemed to apply to individuals with this administration and does not exempt small businesses. If The One is geniune about the so-called middle class, a person might think it should be possible to exclude individuals who are small business owners, particularly those who employ someone else. There is absolutely nothing that leads me to believe that The One isn't being cutesy about it however and I have zero expectation of such an exception.

    High-five to Joyce for pointing out that the government isn't on the giving end what-so-ever where anyone who pays taxes is concerned! That kind of math is akin to MPS requesting a 10% budget hike, only getting 7% more and calling it a draconian budget cut!

    I even have to admit that my pal BiM makes a good point! Despite all of the negative factors for economic development, as serious as 9/11, Katrina and more recently the financial melt-downs du jour, having the cuts in place from 2001 to 2011 is about as much of a sure thing as you can get from the government. Without the cuts or without a ten year guarantee on them, unquestionably, the jobs picture could have been a lot worse for a lot longer than it has been. Where I would go from seeing your point or even agreeing with you to disagreeing, vehemently, is where you repeat the 'borrowing to give' baloney and the total prattle about fair shares. The absolute reality that a small percentage of people pay the vast majority of taxes is one of the least controversial and most documented of any economic facts. I think you're just trying to get under our skin on that one Bimmy though I'll give you some credit for creativity ;)!

    Birch, my little wooden-head, why don't you give that a try!

    The key is spending and we are never going to get anywhere on anything until the left undegoes carotid artery surgery to remove the plaque blocking the idea from their collective brain that the root problem isn't taxes, isn't trade nor anything else, its spending.


    "Without the cuts or without a ten year guarantee on them, unquestionably, the jobs picture could have been a lot worse "

    That's a steaming load of crappy-crap-crap!

    Maddie - Saukville

    Says ujima, not ujamaa.


    You say ujima, and I say ujamma, lets call the whole thing off.


    Maddie is correct ... spending is the problem... and in particular misspent, misdirected monies.

    Where is the oversight on any money spent for any project or program. I remember when Sensenbrenner called for oversight of the Katrina money before the vote, then voted no for the funding because no oversight was included in the legislation. Of course everyone cursed him for voting no.

    In simplest terms: It's the spending stupid... and lack of oversight.

    Maddie - Saukville

    I just wrote to F. James yesterday Joyce. Remember too, I'm sure you do, all the stories of the blown money over Katrina? Money going to scams, not to people who actually needed help, what a, a... *yawn* surprise.

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