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    December 07, 2010


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    I bet they were all calling on their app-ed out iPhones.
    Does the SEIU have enough time to get bus loads out to the steps of the Capitol? You know, those people who they round up that either barely pay taxes or pay none.
    They are STUPID because there are no "cuts" and they are pissed because the $250 and up won't be forced to pay more money into their endless kitty.
    Well at least they can go into their third year of unemployment!

    Patrick Austin

    Explain how did you work racism in here?


    Shooting themselves in the foot.
    Speaking for myself:
    I don't like the politics of the deal. Because the second all this BS is over, the idiot right is going to go back to bitching about the deficit... even though this tax cut extension adds like 150 billion to the deficit. So as far as optics go, Obama gave his opponents what they wanted... AND a weapon to beat him up with.

    But politics aside, the move isn't bad because it's the only way to have gotten any stimulus through the Senate. And an economic jolt is worth way more politically in the long run

    Now, if Obama still can't get a vote on Don't ask Don't tell after this... then you'll really see the left abandon him. Because the whole point of caving to the GOP was so they'd stop filibustering a long list of bills the dems want a vote on. Don't ask Don't tell is the one that matters to the base and is actually likely to pass.


    Patrick, when conservatives are angry with Obama, it's because they're all racists. Or so we've been told.

    So, when liberals are angry with Obama, it MUST be because they're racist, right?


    ...the idiot right is going to go back to bitching about the deficit..."

    Wrong derek... I'm still "bitching" about the deficit. Overspending, misspending, overly large government, funding and creating new programs that lack oversight of monies spent are all part of the deficit problem. How is it you are not worried... you'll be paying off the debt longer than those in my generation. Like throwing your paycheck in to a bonfire.

    This little maneuver by bho is his attempt to win-over the independents again. The left really lack common sense not to see this may be a win-win for bho. If the economy improves, he'll get re-elected. If the economy stays the same, he'll blame the Republicans with a see-I-told-you... and may again convince independents to vote for him.

    Maddie - Saukville

    I like their little game again to try to claim I told you so in reference to fighting the two illegal wars instead of taking care of business at home too Joyce. Yeah...that heads their list of where we should have been cutting back. How much do 800,000 square foot office buildings in lower Manhattan go for these days? We used to have a couple of them.

    Karl Hungus

    It's about time the billionaires got a piece of the stimulus pie. Now we can all sit back and wait for the massive job creation that is sure to take place.


    The red herrings are biting today...

    Maddie - Saukville

    Yeah Karl, the guy who bought flour from his wheat farming neighbor, grew his own apples, bought the Whirpool/Maytag oven ( and earned the money to get all of the other needed ingredients, then actually had the energy left to make the pie finally got a piece of it and it drives you nuts doesn't it? You got another thirteen months of watching tv too Karl but that isn't good enough for you, you should get the whole pie. Funny, wasn't there a Penn & Teller vid on this very topic?


    Excuse me, but extending the current rate takes nothing from the Feds, nor does it 'give' anything to the rich. Unless they (the Feds) were spending money they didn't have. Wait a minute, they already do that! I think the current repubs are showing their true colors by going along with this deal. Extending unemployment another 13 months? Stupid. A tax holiday on SI taxes of 4.2%? Won't this just hasten the demise of Social Security that is already damn near insolvent? I don't have a problem with reducing the death tax. That's a bad tax to begin with. DC needs to live within it's Constitutional means, and people need to rely less on the slugs that reside in our Capitol.


    Billiam you have hit the 2 major downfalls of this cr@p plan... extending unemployment another 13 months and the 2% reduction of SI taxes.

    Why on earth would Republicans vote for this cr@p... STUPID people in each party!

    The idiots in DC still haven't gotten the message: It's the spending Stupid!!!

    Maddie - Saukville

    The SI tax holiday, like anything with taxes can be argued, is quite nuanced. FICA is taxed at roughly 6.2% of earnings. The holiday reduces this to 4.2% for one year. This is an employer match tax and it appears that employers are still required to pay the full 6.2%. I believe that cutting taxes will result in greater tax revenue as a general theory but this one isn't as easy to follow as say cutting county sales tax and comparing collections from one year to the next.

    The really interesting thing about the FICA cut to me is the door it potentially opens for the possible privatization of some of your social security benefits. Here, people will have some of the money that would have gone to the SS trust fund still on their pay checks, which they could invest if they so desired and I think the American people can't do a worse job of growing that money, their money, than the government. The government doesn't grow money, it just takes more from us, borrows more from the world or prints more. So that's one possible good thing about this questionable aspect of the tax bill but don't get me wrong either, I don't expect and I'm not planning for any part of SS or Medicare or anything else to still be around when I reach my arbitrary retirement age, currently set at 67 about 30 years from now.

    Otherwise, whole-heartedly, the primary problem is the spending. It is the spending stupid.

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