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    December 11, 2010


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    This little show makes the point about how inexperienced bho is... but the real LOL kicker: "Michelle's been waiting a half hour..." and off he runs to a party... leaving the mess for Clinton to clean up.

    If junior pres worked in the private sector... he wouldn't last a week.

    Dear God... please save us from this idiot's incompetence!


    He's done -- he has lost all credibility. He has to bring in another president to sell a plan for him?

    Imagine if this were GWB?


    Bush was the incompetent one. Yea right!


    I can't believe a sitting president just acted like a trainee at a shoe store deferring to the manager in the middle of a sale and then wandering off to go smoke a cigarette! BHO-"Hey, my mommy's here to pick me up, can you take care of this, boss?" BJC-"Don't wanna make mommy mad, junior. Now, sir, where were we? Oh, right let's run through the numbers..." Embarassing.


    Anyone want a good laugh?

    According to an Obama aide:
    "Clinton kind of went, 'Do you have a computer I can use? I just want to check my email,' and then kind of made himself at home in the Oval Office," he said. "The president was being polite and all, but you could tell he was kind of pissed."

    It gets better... read the article:

    Poor Obama... did the only thing he knew how to do... vote Present.
    Want some whine with that vote, Mr commander-in-training?


    Aw man that was funny! Thanks for posting that, Joyce!!!

    Wonder where derek, chris, jimspice and hungus are ... [/rhetorical question]

    Maybe Bill's being an operative for Team Clinton, seeing what else he can find to be used in HRC's 2012 presidential bid?


    How come all of a sudden, tax cuts are okay with these guys? The Bush tax cuts were evil, and now it's a good thing. Were all you liberals wrong in voting for Clinton and Obama? Just asking.


    Not one liberal post... guess the "hope & change" is too much to bear!

    This tax cut extension legislation is packed full of so much garbage (i.e. ethanol subsidies) a No vote is needed. A Yes vote without the added garbage in January is a better deal.


    What is there to post about? A tax deal that was obvious for the past 6 months? Oh i got it, i'm supposed to have some hard on about clinton like the rest of you that can't get over 1996


    If this tax deal was obvious for the last 6 months, why didn't centrist Democrats run with it? Perhaps it is a political third rail for Democrats. It's funny how idealism can go the way of the Dinosaur when your party just got their ass handed to them. It was probably true in 1996, it seems certainly true today. Will Obama be as smart as Clinton? Will the Republican majority move to the center? Will business as usual politics in WDC continue?


    Oh Oh gnat is pissed off! He used the phrase "hard on" well he didn't call us "retards" so I guess he isn't at the end of his rope yet.
    "A tax deal that was obvious for the past 6 months?"
    So gnat my boy six months ago(May)you knew there would be a tsunami by the Conservatives in November? Really??
    Your credibility is falling faster than the commie jackass hussein's approval ratings.
    LMAO at you and the commie jackass!


    "about clinton like the rest of you that can't get over 1996"

    Apparently BO isn't over 1996 either, since he had to trot WJC out to support this thing.

    "A tax deal that was obvious for the past 6 months?"

    It was actually obvious for 9 years, and the Dems had the opportunity to deal with it over the past two and chose not to.

    "This is why the people have thrown you out" -- Rep. Buyer

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