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    December 10, 2010


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    No commentary? Seems his views are in line with T-party talking points, so I'd guess you'd support him.

    Brew City Firefighter

    I'll bite, the guys a redneck hillbilly not to be taken seriously, just like jimspice when he proclaims that the rednecks views are in line with the tea party. Both are equally ignorant.

    Karl Hungus

    Perhaps Rand Paul can rollback the Civil Rights Act once he's sworn in as Kentucky's junior senator.

    Andrea A.

    My 1st thought.... Crap - this is in Wisconsin! lol As for the rest of my thoughts, a quote that sums it up for me... “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1749-1832. Dude had some insight.


    now that the man is exposed, people in wisconsin can boycott his business and let it fail like some banks should have.

    Andrea A.

    Legion... he owns a "gentlemen's club". I doubt very much that there will be any boycotting going on, let alone failure as a "business". lol ah well... we can hope, right?! :)


    BCF, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume I was not clear. I was not suggesting his views on race are in line with those of the T-party (though I still would argue that T-party members have a greater tendency than society as a whole to hold racist views), but that the T-party believes racists should be allowed to exclude patrons based on skin color with no governmental backlash. As KH pointed out, Ron Paul epitomizes this view.


    "... but that the T-party believes racists should be allowed to exclude patrons based on skin color..."

    Provide the evidence to support that statement.



    Are you mixing Ron, and Rand Paul up? Are you a T-party memeber? And you speak for the views as a whole for them?

    No doubt the man in the video has an ignorant way to gain attention to himself.


    jimespice =ignorance.

    jim you are just as bigoted as the man in the video.

    The Tea Party is against ignorance (his and yours) against racism in all forms. If you would stop,think and do a little research you would see that, but at-last that would take some initiative, something you know nothing about.

    I have found more bigots on the liberal side of things than any place else.

    Brew City Firefighter

    You were very clear. If you are correct, (which you are not) I better not let my Tea Party friends find out that I'm Hispanic, I might be kicked out of the party. Ignorance is as ignorance does.

    James T.


    JimmySpice & Huggy Bear, you two couldn't wait to comment on this post! This man's views are in line with the Klan, which is the terrorist arm of the Democrat party, to which both of you belong. When you look at him you are looking at the man in the mirror!



    “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”

    LOL......ain't that a kick in the head.

    Ron Johnson


    It's almost as if I'm looking in a mirror...


    Hi James, my Beautiful Man!
    Could you please find some way to shut off the audio on this piece, because every time I come to your site I start hearing this fellow explain why he's not allowing Negroes into his establishment? The piece automatically starts playing, and though it's a timely piece to listen to if you want to hear a guy getting 15 minutes of fame in making a dumb decision and making the even dumber move to comment about it, constant repetition grates like fingernails across a chalkboard. I'll give this man points for being up front about his decision, at least he doesn't try to couch his attitude with 'nice talk' like some progressives when their bigotry gets accidental exposure.

    Maddie - Saukville

    He's a jackass racist and guys like jim and karl are race baiters who minimize the reality of morons like him by reflexively alleging racism in every situation.

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