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    December 20, 2010


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    Great! I'll be listening!

    Cindy in West Bend

    Hi James,

    Are there going to be pod casts for these shows? The KSGF page doesn't have them from yesterday, and nothing on the Jon Justice page either.

    HO HO HO

    'tis the season for back benchers!


    James T. Harris is no "back bencher." He is in the game and in your face. You clearly never even got into the bleachers, "Ho," so troll somewhere else.


    "James T. Harris is no "back bencher."

    Do you have any proof, or is it your raging fanboy hormonal "feeling"?


    JT has a voice in more than one community, and people not only listen, they respond. That's my "proof," not that any was needed. If you have nothing intelligent to add to the debate, why do you even bother to post? Oh, wait...there is no debate on this just wanted to pop off with some garbage to see if you could get a response. Mission accomplished. Now go back under your bridge.


    Andrew, danny inferno aka joyless and ho ho ho and every other stupid name you see, is so obsessed with James and this blog that he spends hours a week making up new names and email addresses just to get back on here.
    He moved out of Wisconsin over a year ago but can't stay away. Obviously his life is a wreck not to mention boring.
    He is so jealous because James is successful and so well liked and loved.
    It is the classic case of danny loathing himself but projecting that unto someone else. This has been going on for over 2 years.
    I hope in the New Year he is finally permanently institutionalized for his own good. It is sad when cases like his slip through the cracks. Hopefully sham care will be the answer to his problems.
    BTW Andrew, Merry Christmas!


    Well done, Maddypie. The only thing I would add is, Merry Christmas to all, even sick danny. Maybe for Christmas, danny will get a new personality. Not holding my breath though.


    Merry Christmas to you Frank
    and to all of the GREAT people who express their opinions here.
    Oops I guess that leave danny inferno out!

    Pope Danny

    LOL......your typical poison-pen vitriol is decidedly un-Christian.



    @danny inferno,
    "LOL......your typical poison-pen vitriol is decidedly un-Christian."


    @auntie hag, I do not except "forgiveness" from evil.
    Go stick your tongue to a flag pole!


    When you offered me a cracker I declined.
    So danny devil you already know the answer to that question.


    Don't feed the trolls...


    Feed the trolls.
    Eventually they become so fat and bloated they explode!


    That's offensive!

    Most priests are NOT pedophiles! They're just regular homos who've found safe haven whithin the church.


    Glad to hear you back on the air in Tucson again!

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