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    December 08, 2010


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    "..........or woman." mr. pc himself wasn't very pc-savvy there...


    That guy needs to get his own place, seriously. He really is too old to live with Mom.


    Hmmm. "...not disloyal to tell him he is G_d d@mn wrong..."

    Is it racist?

    Seems to me not too long ago it was disloyal and racist to tell him: "you lie".


    Even Rep. Rangel admits that the Dems aren't united:

    Maddie - Saukville

    Those redneck racist stupid obstructionist Democrats have no ideas on what to do, they're just the party of NO!

    rofl(ing my own)ao!!!


    this is what pisses me off about democrats, I mean come on, disagree with him but don't treat him like $#it, he is your president and he deserves your respect. I disagree with him on issue, but you don't see me talking about him like he is some dutty street kid



    Just because he happens to be my president, he does not deserve any part of my respect.

    These azzhats voted him in, it's just too bad even they see it was a mistake. One Big Ass Mistake America.


    Holding the title of President of the United States of America does not give you automatic respect.
    Many Presidents I did not vote for got my respect because they loved America and were not radical and did not try to destroy the Constitution in less than 24 months.
    The commie jackass hussein will never have my respect. He is one of the nastiest people I have ever had to endure let alone have to go to sleep every night knowing he is the leader of my Country.


    BTW Sail'nTodd, I totally agree with you.
    Maybe you have to be born and raised in America to see and feel the absolute horror this commie jackass is.
    I would be more than glad to cut the commie jackass loose and let him go to Canada.
    I don't really wish him on anyone but hey if others want to think this guy is just different and not evil they are welcomed to him.


    "I told ya before and I'll tell ya again... Obama is one and done!"

    ......from your lips to god's ears!

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