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    December 09, 2010


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    That's the type of mindset that's dangerous to freedom. It amounts to the attitude that it's only ours if THEY allow it. Arrogant asshats. Sounds like the beginnings of tyranny to me.


    The arrogance and condescension displayed by Rep. Weiner is stunning.

    "This is why the people have thrown you out." -- Rep. Buyer


    sphincter boy strikes again!

    Maddie - Saukville

    Chris Kattan and Russ Feingold had some strange 'your chocolate is in my peanut butter' kind of moment and Tony Weiner was the sticky result. With all of Feingold's charm, sincerity and personal skills combined with Kattan's intellect and maturity, he is the perfect choice for one of the most liberal districts of one of the most liberal cities in one of the most liberal states. Hold your heads, or at least your noses high 10th Congressional District of New York, oh wait, you already are.

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