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    November 15, 2010


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    this man has no social graces.

    How much you want to bet that derick or chris are going to through up, a look at what Bush did, in defence for obumer's lack of social skills.


    I wonder how long it takes him to order fast food. The family would starve by the time he got done fumbling around with the order.


    see that's the problem I have with this cesspool.. I have never claimed that Obama is the end-all-be-all president, yet because I disagree with you "people" here I am suddenly a sycophant willing to do whatever it takes to defend Barack Obama.

    Life is so just black and white isn't it Diane??? If you're not with me you're against me, there is no such thing as between the lines is there?

    Its that kind of thinking that has me convinced average citizens are doomed. Draw the battle lines, if you will, and charge against the Great Socialist Oppressor just like your boy Joe McCarthy did.

    I wonder if you all will ever realize the damage you are doing to productive dialogue??

    ...also I have to ask here.. what is it you think Obama should have said?? He asked for a Korean reporter and a Chinese man raised his hand.. is that not the Chinese reporters fault??


    Maybe Mr. Obama needed a teleprompter to handle the situation more eloquently. He could have taken the question from the chinese reporter instead of muddling it all up and then asked the koreans once more. If no questions from them, leave the room. It's not that hard. It's called diplomacy.


    What's with the word "people" in quotation marks? Are the rest of lower life forms or something? Is that how awesome you are?


    heh... forgot to preview before posting...guess I am a lower life form...:)


    Every single day chrissy comes here and calls us a cesspool(or worse)somehow leaving out the real cesspool, himself.
    And than chrissy bitches and whines that we don't like him and we don't listen to him.
    chrissy is a predictable laugh a minute.
    Absolutely no credibility.
    Its like conversing with a three year old.


    And as far as the commie jackass hussein is concerned he is an embarrassment to both of his races, to saul alinsky,
    and to Our Great Country The United States Of America.
    He is a commie moron who spectacularly made himself look one hundred times worse than I could have hoped for.
    Thanks commie jackass!

    Maddie - Saukville

    What was I saying earlier today about embarrassing?

    Chris, why don't you take your own advice and piss off?

    Cindy in West Bend

    His trip was an epic. failure. The ENTIRE world is laughing at him. Not our lefties though. He's still their messiah, and they'll follow him off the cliff.


    yeah the thing is, he's not my messiah, nor have I ever said anything in that regard, but because I disagree with you all here alot, I MUST love Obama, right???

    Just remember when the war starts, YOU drew the dividing line.


    Wait- what now? What war? What modern liberal democrat has the stomach for war?


    hmmm, chris is threatening to go to war, that's a laugh. Who you going to fight? your fellow citizens? your going to war against us just because we disagree with you? LOL. chris you are such a joke, how do you expect anyone to take you serious?

    Are you saying that you do not like obama? or your just pissed because I called you out?

    Come on chris say what is on your mind.

    What obama should have done? Answer the Chinese reports question gracefully, and then see if there were any S. Koran reporters that had questions, it would have saved face not only for obummer, but also for the Korans and Chinese. If you know anything about Asian culture, you would know that saving face is very important. The president acted like a spoiled child because he did not get his way, then when no Koren reporter had a question for him he looked like a fool. I feel sorry for him, he is clueless.

    Rachel Ann

    I agree with Diane there. NO Korean was answering. The Chinese reporter responded after a bit of time when there was no response. Why not be graceful and just answer the question? If there were a lot of Korean reporters wanting to ask a question it would be a different story. As it was he looked stupid and ungraceful.


    just keep bashing the other guy until yours gets in.. that's all you people really huff and puff about anyway... issues are a thing of the past.


    Huffing and puffing, or otherwise stating your case and telling the powers that be that the majority of the people don't like what the policies are in the ruling administration, is not bashing. The people talk but the administration doesn't listen and sticks to it's ideology. When "The One' puts in earplugs, the people have to yell louder and understandably so, get mad because he doesn't listen. It's human nature to shake the tree when frustrated.


    sooo... by that rationale the most important thing you have to huff and puff about is the manner in which Obama answers ONE question at a foreign news conference???

    Not even about the answer he gives, but how he answers it... I find that to be ridiculously trite, sorry.


    No. I'm speaking in terms of the big picture. How he answered the question overshadowed his answer. Dressing down the reporter is another example of how his unwillingness to listen, but rather express himself as a guy that feels what ever I say trumps what you are saying, comes across as a guy that doesn't care what other peoples concerns are, but rather, smacks of " don't you know who I am" syndrome. Also to respond to your ridiculously trite comment, apparently you don't read peoples posts. As I stated previously, it's called diplomacy, and thats just the tip of the iceberg as far as Obama listening to the rest of the world on global fiscal matters.


    Get off your rocking horse chrissy.
    The commie jackass hussein is a commie buffoon who continues to embarrass himself along with America.
    You should be doubly pissed at this inept commie because after all of the "Bush bashing" this piece of crap was supposed to be smooth and articulate, a fabulous orator. Able to speak to one and all.
    chrissy your disabilities continue to grow.
    Your brain is too small to work and now you are blind.
    I am sure the government has a
    "paid by taxpayer's" program for that.


    sze'l where's the rest of the iceberg... seems like this would be an ice tray's worth of what a glacier should amount to. As far as overall policy goes, he has extended himself in every way possible to try and relieve much of the damage that previous administrations have caused in the form of foreign alienation. This policy has been scrutinized indefinitely by the conservative contingent... so which one is it??? Is it less or more diplomacy???

    Maddypie you're a complete waste of typing. I'm responding to you because I want you to know that I take it personally when someone calls me a freeloader. I have worked my ass off my entire life, and if you were standing in front of me right now I would turn you around and put my foot right up your ass.


    LOL chrissy you too are a buffoon.

    Do you see how you are scraping the bottom of the commie barrel just to try and get someone to agree with you. Ice trays???

    I have worked hard all my life so saying that you have done the same is not impressive to me. To me it is the norm.

    Oh and chrissy you can keep that foot of yours in your mouth where it usually resides. And I may be thin but I will take you on any day of the week. Just name it.

    Its very telling that you haven't been so bold and brave with the men on this site


    chris you talk of reading between the lines in a past post. the iceberg comment I made was a bad description of what I was trying to relay. Obama and his ideology and what he is trying to accomplish is like a mountain for all to see except to the blind and blaming G W Bush is getting old. Obama owns it now and his polices are thought of as bad business by the rest of the world.


    well I'm sorry sze'l if you think I was blaming GWB specifically, I think Clinton and Reagan were both successful at alienating the middle eastern countries from any kind of cooperative attitude towards the US, albeit there are many problems there out of our league. (some we are directly responsible for, though)

    If you are going to use this sound byte as an example of Obama's bad foreign policies, I really don't think the complaint holds water. It is one instance where he fumbles around with his words... have we not heard every single President do the same thing?

    Comments are fine here, and if you want to make fun of his verbalization go right ahead, but to use this as a shining example of how Obama is bad at foreign relations is weak at best.

    Please elaborate on your statement "his polices are thought of as bad business by the rest of the world"

    I realize the "rest of the world" is an exaggeration, but please enlighten me as to what countries are having a negative reaction to Obama's policies?


    Most of the G20 european countries and others disagree with the Obama print money and spend our way out of debt strategy. As for Obama and his treatment of others, dignitaries or reporters, town meeting sessions with American citizens, i-pods to the Queen of England, dissing the Dalai Lama, there is a laundry list of less than shining moments as to how he treats others in his brief two years in office. If you are not aware of what is going on with these issues, I would suggest you start catching up on the news chris.


    chrissy doesn't like home work and research.
    Notice sze'l that he doesn't want to put his foot up your ass.
    No No No, to you he comes bearing whimpers and asks, "oh please enlighten me. Share you wealth of knowledge so I may understand you."

    chrissy I could spot you in a crowded room of "chrissy's."
    You would be the one with "loser" tattooed on his forehead.

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