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November 26, 2010


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This is why I stayed home this morning.


Sorry, my idea of shopping doesn't include getting footprints up my back or waking myself up in the wee hours of the morning so that I can save some bucks on an item that gets sold out within the first 5 seconds of the store opening. Many people like to do this, but I'm not one of them.


"Get outta my way -- I've got DEALS to buy!!! I don't have time to make sure other people are okay!"

Ugh. It's the culture, stupid.

I'm another one who stayed home today.

Milwaukee Mike

If Glenn Beck is half right on his predictions, we are doomed.

Maddie - Saukville

When you see the faces of the new owners of materialistic things on Christmas morning, you could think of the bruised and battered bodies you left behind to make it happen and try to justify it, if only you gave a damn about anyone in the first place that is. I have not gone outdoors on the fourth Friday of November for as long as I can remember. It is bad enough being around some people any other day between now and 12/25 as it is and it is really evident on the roads again where certain people are headed. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, July Fourth would have to come next. I don't know where Christmas falls on the list exactly but its because of what it has become thanks to fools like these.

How pathetic and funny is the guy who's debating whether playing up the future lawsuit on camera is more important than keeping up with the various Jones's passing him by?

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