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November 06, 2010


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Hooray!! James is going to be on.
BTW I love that picture!



Maddie - Saukville

Maybe it was a good thing you cut me off before I was able to ask in tune with yesterday's theme, if in anyone's wildest dreams would they have thought that Obama could more conspicuously stain the office of President than his liberal predecessor and America's first black President, Bill Clinton had? Oh well, at least I got my 60 minutes one question comment out! ;)


Maddie, I enjoyed hearing you on the radio yesterday.

Your points were well taken.

I could never go on and discuss the commie jackass hussein. Even with the 5 second delay I know the "F" word would make it over the air waves!!

Maddie - Saukville

In the right (or maybe I should say wrong) setting, I'd be right there with you Maddypie! What can I say, I'm a gifted speaker. No wonder the Queen of England asked for an Ipod loaded with my rants!!

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