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    November 15, 2010


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    the problem is that the world moves on no matter what stupid political movement sprouts up. Congress is immobile and the public isn't willing to push it to do anything rational, the federal reserve has to step up to the plate and experiment with your money.

    You all bitch about obama's deficits, AND NOW you want to cry about QE? The fed dropped like 2 trillion in 2009 and not a peep from any of you. Nope, to you all the problem was the stimulus. The one thing we can control and have oversight of.

    Your movement is unbearably light for the times we face.
    Is it any wonder i consider most of you to be uninformed idiots?


    lol.. any and all misinformation possible to divert people's attention from the real problem. How does the gross dereliction of business ethics translate into "its all the fed's fault"? What do you want to do, get rid of the fed?

    You only need to look at who benefited from the housing bubble, health care costs, stock prices, cheap overpriced goods, and, since 2005, bankruptcy claims to realize who is taking this "republic" down.

    Keep blindly supporting a "free market" until there is no market anymore.


    Two words. Barney Frank. That is all.

    Quantitative easing

    Quantitative easing most certainly will increase political pressures on the Fed. Given the breathtaking manner in which they have departed from their original mission to promote price stability, and the morally dubious effort to "rescue" the economy at the expense of savers and retirees, opprobrium is not only to be expected, but, in my opinion, deserved


    I gotta ask a question. After watching the video do you all ever get any cognitive dissonance. The Fed essentially gives money to huge banks in the hopes that it'll help the economy. The video calls this a theft of the american people's money.

    Does it ever occur to you that more tax cuts for rich people tend to be just as pointless an endeavor? Does your worship of rich people and big business ever come into conflict with the nature of bailouts and the way big money controls the government?

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