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November 22, 2010


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James T.

This clip reminds me of our very own Chrissy! He's the guy wearing blue. Every time Chrissy tries to play defense on this blog, he gets dunked on by Maddypie!

"On my goodness!"

pat l

I love this game!!!!!!


psh... you fool.. I'm sure within the realm of your overworked imagination you can visualize Maddypie dunkin on me, but its just never happened and it never will... she might be able to dunk, but maybe in a Spud Webb way.. she is definitely not Darrel Dawkins.


Ha Ha, You are correct chrissy. I am definitely not Darrel Dawkins.
I am Michael Jordan!
Right down to the tip of my tongue sticking out when I slam dunk on you.
Oh poor chrissy, that's going to leave another mark!


Hey James T.
chrissy used two words that he knows nothing about,"visualization and imagination."
Thanks for the early morning laugh chrissy!

James T.

Hey Chrissy.... you just got dunked on! Again!

"On my goodness!"


This is too freaking easy.
I may have to start using one hand!!


please! ...I'm like Yao Ming, swatting your weak-ass attempts right out of the gym. Get that sh-- out of here!

James T.

Here ya go Yao "Chrissy" Ming.



Oh James you are hilarious!!
Do you think chrissy ming is laughing?
How many minutes do you think he watched? I say the whole thing. Because he just wouldn't be able to believe that his hero Yao didn't do something right!!

Like a moth to a flame.
Watch out chrissy its getting closer.

Rat Scabies

I lubs da Magpie -- you da besht!


Well I can't stand you.
You look and smell like a rat with scabies and rabies!
Thank goodness you are a short timer

bye bye dumb danny!


lol... just like a tunnel-vision conservative.. show me one video clip of something happening and then base all of your ideals around that one clip.. love it.


that's the sound of your shot leaving the arena.

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