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November 06, 2010


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Dear Dr. Dyson, See the problem is that the commie jackass was clear...well clear to anyone that wasn't drinking the kool-aid.
He is a commie liar about his "success's" he divided every racial group possible and elevated the illegal aliens to the "real americans" and told them the "Real Americans" are their enemy.

He is a failure on so many levels and I say if saul alinsky were alive you would see more than a "mark" on the commie jackass.

I thank you for your comments. I know you are trying to see the light, unfortunately you still don't get it. "Moderates" get nothing done and can never move forward. We were able to get more Independents, Libertarians, and Democrats to vote Conservative this time around. Conservative isn't a Party it is a way of life that lets people take more responsibility for their own lives and offers more opportunity to better yourself And it limits the power of government.
The only people against that are the generational entitlement families, the illegales and of course the commie libs who want to rule our lives.

If our GOP stays true to their word the Conservative agenda can get a foot hold and show the "hands out people" some tough love and turn them into productive citizens.


'"Moderates" get nothing done and can never move forward'

wow you're so wrong its pathetic. moderates get everything done, extremists get in the way. moderates have tact and consideration and believe in compromise... this idea that absolutes promote resolution is a bunch of Patriarchal strong-arm garbage.

Do you really think its a good idea to keep fighting wars when there is really no need to do so?

Also, conservative means exactly what it says, nothing more nothing less.. it is not a way of life. It is the preservation of the status-quo. The opposite of progression. The antitheses of advancement. Maybe next time when you say "the only people" you will think of people other than white Christians and illegals.


Spoken like a want to be fence sitter, Chris. What a joke," moderates get everything done". Lol. In theory, being a moderate and listening to both sides sounds great. The reality is you have to stand for something and that means your going to be on one side or the other on a lot of the issues. Compromise can be a great thing, but when the policies of the opposition are so polar and you will never agree with them, you have to stand for what you believe. Conservatives stand for what they believe in and that doesn't change. Just because radical lefty change for the sake of radical change is some how fresh and new regardless how bad the ideas are, makes lefty's more credible in their causes than fence sitters that spin their heads around and around watching what the two sides are doing. But in your case, you are a lefty radical Chris and all your denial doesn't have anyone here convinced otherwise. Man-up, and choose a side.


chrissy if you do man up and pick a side please don't choose mine!

I have no problem with the lunatic commie libs having you. Honest. We are doing just fine, don't put yourself out. They really are more your speed.
And if you go with them you get to live a life of PC and being nannied.
From what I have heard you say here you really do need that fail safe in your life to help you make it through the day.

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