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    November 14, 2010


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    It never ends. Lefties can shout all day long that average Americans at Tea Party rallies are racists, or Rush Limbaugh is a racist, or "George Bush does not care about black people," and they're just expressing their opinion and they have a right to do it. Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck, on the other hand...well! "There ought to be a a law! Why, these people can't be allowed to be on the air just saying whatever they think! That's just dangerous! Besides, Limbaugh calling white democrats racists IS racist!" On top of that, they throw the drug thing out there- Mel the Jew Hating Gibson gets drunk and goes on a rampage and the Hollywood left are dripping with support. Limbaugh has a back injury and becomes addicted to his pain meds, and he's a no-good junkie. And I guess the only photograph anyone can find of Limbaugh is a horribly unflattering one from ten years ago. Nice. Tell me again how the mainstream media has no bias.


    And can we talk about the airwaves and today's rap/pop music? If we even think about censoring Rush, we sure had better be allowed to censor the nastiness that our children intake every day on the radio. How come nobody seems to have a problem with that? It is killing our children!!! Talk about decency!!!

    Maddie - Saukville

    I agree with Ed, Al and Sheila. We need the fairness doctrine, we need decency.

    Of course, Ed, Al and Sheila would be off the air permanently were there to be such a bill, but wait, no, that isn't actually what they want is it? They want the shut-up anyone who isn't us bill. Take racism, boorishness and cruelty away from them and they've really got nothing left.

    What name does Ed use three or four times, 'druggie/the druggie' while he clearly displays his compassion for victims of addiction, demonstrating his vast intellect in comparison to the redneck racist retard who wants to use anything he can to make the Dems look bad. Like their own words and actions for example? An inside the beltway story at best. I congratulate him for refraining from calling it fly-over country, possibly an indication that he is still smarting from the election but it is a story then by his own admission.

    For a contrasting opinion, or at least skin color, we go to Al.

    Finally in the interest of hearing both sides, a liberal woman, the unimpeachable Sheila who plays the race card by claiming that the right plays the race card asking about Obama's birthright which is actually about nationality, try to keep up here Sheila. Nationality and race are not the same thing.

    Personally, I think that the time to question Obama's birthright is long past and even so is most likely a wild goose chase, as is the time to question him about his terrorist friends, church of hatred and Caponesque financial backers. That was before the election, before he got any serious consideration as the nominee or traction as the front-runner. There were so many abundantly transparent reasons why the man should never have gotten on a ballot outside of the syndicate state of the Illinois Family, none of which were more significant than the fact that he was and nearly two years in remains at every opportunity to prove otherwise, embarrassingly unqualified to lead!

    All of the people who tried to raise these flags then were written off and branded racist.

    So, Ed, Al and Sheila, your otherwise inane and inaccurate bloviating seems to establish that you have the ability and license to broadcast your ignorant racist hatred exactly as effectively as you allege those who don't agree with you are able to and wouldn't that be....fairness? Decency is another question but you might try to find some in yourselves before you deprecate that it isn't evident in others.

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