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    November 21, 2010


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    Chrissy is a mental case and this is not an "attack" he has proven from day one that he is a ball bouncing back and forth on issues. He cries when no one gives him credit or understands his hardships and plight.
    chrissy is the example of someone who couldn't read rules for radicals let alone implement it.
    He so wants gnat to team up with him and put us in our place. gnat is embarrassed by chrissy and wants nothing to do with him. gnat rides alone, he puts himself above all.
    If he could be honest with us he would actually bitch about the commie jackass's failure to put his boot on our throat months ago. gnat definitely thinks he could do better.
    So we have two whinning psycho's coming here with different agendas.
    Why would gnat want to disrespect me when he can be despicable by disrespecting Cindy and her son.
    gnat is the distraction. We stopped having debates and conversations with him long ago.
    Every time you seriously try to reason with gnat he lights up and laughs.
    You give him what he wants.
    What do you do with a gnat?
    You swat it and ignore it and if it comes back you smash it like the annoying useless bug it is.

    James T.

    "What do you do with a gnat?
    You swat [at] it and ignore it and if it comes back you smash it like the annoying useless bug it is."

    Maddypie is dead on people. Derek has gone shrill! He no longer can debate the merits. His soul purpose on this blog is to emotionally compromise you!

    That's all the libs got!

    Chris wants to be Derek's flunky but he even knows that he's not worthy. When I happen to read him he is always pathetic. So guess what...

    I rarely read what he has to say.

    Most of the people who get drawn into Derek and Chrissy's crap are relatively new to the NC. There is a reason why Maddypie calls Derek a gnat...

    You can swat him away but he keeps coming back! He's a permanent plague to the site. Learn to deal with him.

    Meanwhile, I will look into more pesticides.


    "What do you do with a gnat?
    You swat it and ignore it and if it comes back you smash it like the annoying useless bug it is."

    This is your best ever Maddypie!

    Gnats are much like mosquitos... worthless. And nobody likes 'em!

    Maddie - Saukville

    Maddypie, I disagree. I don't believe Chris or the Gnat can get past their own colossal egos to the point of even considering an alliance against us. Carrey and Daniels have already made that movie anyway. I thought Chris was not beyond hope yet but I see his game too. Otherwise, I think you're dead on and I love it.

    Maddie - Saukville

    I wouldn't put it past the TSA for second either that their own thin skins are the real reason they're all over ours. And it goes without saying but can you even begin to imagine if Bush was still the President? Holy hell! The left, media and Hollywood would be going on and on about Cheney and Halliburton even with Chertoff and Rapiscan were staring them in the exposed face.


    Perhaps we need to look at the actions as experiments in how to make peeps adapt.

    Check out:

    "...trying to show what happened when all of the individuality and dignity was stripped away from a human, and their life was completely controlled."

    I'm still laughing at the protests of libs who screamed about W admin checking library records and monitoring terrorists phone calls. Where are their screams now?


    yeah just like I thought... "you're crazy, you don't believe what I do so you MUST be crazy!!!"

    I'd like to post here the 7 page letter my mother wrote me that she would not let me open until I was on the plane to San Diego. For your personal anecdotal information I signed a contract to be a Rifleman. I am not playing games, messing with you, or trying to liberate some psychosis that has been plaguing me for years.

    You are very simply wrong. If you want to believe its all liberals fault that TSA exists and that they really don't give a rat's ass what happens in the airports, fine, but you're wrong.

    This is not a big government issue. It is a poorly implemented program in which the people working for it are disgruntled due to poor pay and constant bitching. But hey, turn it into a liberal "conspiracy" if you like, just don't expect me not to tell you you're wrong, because you are.

    I post here because sometimes you present misinformation, James. Yes, that's right, you. Choose not to read my posts if you like, but you are a public figure, and while I agree with you on matters, I think sometimes you inject an extraordinary amount of bias and conjecture into your statements, blaming liberals for things that are common knowledge to come from conservatives.

    Point fingers and blame all you want, but like I said in previous posts you are fostering a negativity that will be impossible for people to overcome when it comes to resolving issues.

    So ban me if you want as well, I'm not sure why I even post here anyway. I guess I'm just hoping some of your readers/listeners will find themselves questioning the absolute trash you present as facts.


    You are wrong Chris. The employees doing the pat downs are told to do it just that way from the higher ups. They chose the job and they may not like what they have to do, but their told to do it that way and no one is holding a gun to their heads to stay in that job. The TSA's policies are stupid for targeting 3 yr. olds all the way through grandparents as potential bombers. Their targeting the wrong people to search. The current administration is over-seeing how this is done, there are your liberals. We all want to be safe flying all over the place, but the dumb-asses running this program are doing it the way they are doing it just to look like their doing something to keep us safe. If you don't know who they should be searching, then God help you.


    so even though Obama is on record questioning the necessity of the pat-downs, Hillary Clinton being responsible for getting the TSA chief in a Senate Comimtte hearing, and the ACLU publicly calling the pat-down a "virtual strip search", this is all a liberal conspiracy...

    No Frank, you are wrong. Unless TSA chief John Pistole is somehow declared the "leader of all liberals" it really has absolutely nothing to do with anyone's political affiliation.


    Duh! Yeah, whatever dude.


    ACLU, liberal. Obama, liberal. Clinton, liberal. Obama is just doing what all presidents do. They have a continuing dialog with the press and make points pro and con to the public. Who allowed these stupid policies to be enacted? Wasn't me.

    James T.

    Hey Maddypie... correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't Chrissy threatened to walk away from the NC numerous times in the past?

    If Derek is a gnat, does that make Chris a moth?


    nah, James, Chrissy is a mosquito, always buzzing around, make a lot of noise, but accomplishing nothing good.


    The rain stopped up here in deer camp, so I'm outdoors again spending my time hunting instead of wasting my time with Chris and derek. Man, what a few more years of living life could do for those two.


    Hey James T.
    You are correct chrissy is a moth.
    And like a moth to a flame he singed his wings. So he will occasionally moan and groan on how he is going to leave, but alas the poor moth is stuck here.

    Well until the time comes that he dries up and blows away!

    James T.

    Derek you are such a tool. Yeah, Bush gave us the TSA and that was bad. Under Obama the TSA is sticking their finger in America's ass, literally, but according to your stupid ass logic that's not worse because Bush gave us the TSA.

    You apply that logic to all your thinking don't you Derek: TARP, bail outs, debt, the deficit... If Bush did it first, it's o.k. when Obama does it worst!

    Derek = Still in Denial.


    dude, Obama has nothing to do with the TSA. This is not about Obama or his administration or even liberals at all! The TSA is bound to Senate Oversight committees.. that's it. There is no direct link from John Pistole to Barack Obama no matter how hard you try to make it happen. What are you not understanding about this?


    It figures your not aware of how things work not only in business but washington as well. Who as been the majority in the House for all these years. What majority oversees these agencies? Does the TSA answer to anyone? Got a clue Chrissy clueless?

    Maddie - Saukville

    Frank isn't just a pretty gun-toting face, the House flipped left in 2006, Senate in 2004. Happy hunting.


    Thanks Maddie. Wow! What can you say.


    Chris... Who do you think nominated Pistole? The tooth fairy?

    The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee may have approved him, but bho named him for the post... his third choice:
    "Erroll Southers, withdrew his nomination after it became apparent he would have trouble winning confirmation. Obama then nominated Retired Army Maj. Gen. Robert Harding, but he too took himself out of the running in March."


    BTW Frank... Good luck on the hunt!

    James T.

    Wow Clueless Chrissy, (sorry Frank) what does it feel like to get your ass kicked every time you open your face?


    last I checked government agencies do not operate like puppets, they all have an oversight committe to report to, but they can, and always do, implement policies independent of the Senate and the White House. THe policies of TSA have been questioned by both Democrat and Republican alike, there is no clear division on this matter, nor does it point to a liberal "conspiracy".

    James, if that's what you call getting your ass kicked, I doubt there is a clear winner in any of your battles.


    You know, there is an alternative to this utterly ridiculous kabuki dance that TSA now passes for airport security: Have the TSA use basic passenger reservation data to identify the riskiest travelers and single them out for extra attention-the same data that customs officials already use at the border. There's an excellent article on National Review Online, written by Nathan Sales-here's the link:
    In this article he makes a very common sense approach to airport security that neither humiliates the passengers nor makes the TSA look like a goon squad.

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