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    November 21, 2010


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    Pistole operates independently; however his pink slip can arrive anytime at the discretion of the president.


    This is a correction for the link from my previous post:

    Karl Hungus

    It's refreshing to see that the Golden Boy John Boehner isn't required to go through security lines at the airport. The TSA would probably confiscate his jar of orange tanning cream.


    My criticism is less towards bush and mostly towards right wing media and it's idiot followers in general.

    I like the quote from this article:

    "...when every bungled attack -- no matter how inept -- gets the screeching siren treatment on Drudge, what do you expect that political dynamic to produce? Sober, sensible policy?"

    And don't let me get started on the polls and show how americans actually feel about all of this.

    Face it, your hysteria about brown people coming to kill you created a whole nother monster. And that monster has you by the balls.


    It's confirmed. derek is a terrorist sympathizer. Laughing in the face of Americans that want to keep our citizens free from harm. Why don't you take a one way trip to Osama's cave and wait there until we blow it off the face of the earth.

    Maddie - Saukville

    James and Karl, thanks for the out loud laughs.

    Cindy, I fly our flag each and every day, in my four seasons room if the weather is poor. It never feels like a chore or annoyance because I have the men and women serving and who have served in mind when I'm tending to it. I think of them every single day and that I'm grateful to them for the freedoms they pay dearly for and I pray for their safe return and peace. God bless your son and thank you for supporting him. On my favortie holiday especially, I'm thankful to God and for my family and then I'm thankful for all who serve(d) with honor.

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