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    November 21, 2010


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    I read that TSA is slowing down to pay us back because they can't take our criticism.
    Well what can you expect from pampered government workers.
    Its funny, I always thought the Revolution would start on the steps of the Capitol in DC.
    Nope, it is going to start right at the airports!

    Cindy in West Bend

    I used to fly all the time, I mean 3-4 times a month, thousands and thousands of miles. I had so many frequent flyer miles, I'd send my dad and his brother to Palm Springs to golf.

    I got into all the good rooms at the airport. I had so many miles, upgrading to first class didn't use them all up. That was all before 9-11.

    That said, I had a frequent trip, once a month or so, that I had to make an international connection, in and out of the US, connecting flights within 45 minutes or so, including customs, or wait 7 hours for the next connecting flight. I had all the travel tricks down pat.

    I remember hauling major butt through O'hare and Dallas-Fort Worth, of course the connections were on the complete opposite sides of the airport.

    I had the timing down pat. Pick a seat near the front, that avoided the long wait for deboarders. I could survive a week out of the country with a carry on. And I'm a girl. The Asians would be proud of my travel strategy.

    If I had to do that today, I'd quit that position.

    There is NO WAY I'd put up with this bullcrap, and I would be arrested.

    Cindy in West Bend


    Notice how all this happened after the election? I'm just saying.......


    Oh Cindy I noticed and so have many others.
    They think we are pets that they can distract with a fuzzy toy.
    Of course their "fuzzy toy" is to cause misery and chaos.
    Too bad we all see right through this and just keep looking ahead to January. The ball will be in our court and all of the squishy middle of the road people that thought the commie jackass was just what America needed, will be standing with us.
    And believe me the commie regime knows this.


    I'd like to point out that the TSA was created by George Bush when he nationalized airport security.

    But at least you know where he stands, M I RITE?

    Cindy in West Bend

    So, did 43 implement the feeling up of 3 year old patriot act? You are a fool. My son is on his 6th tour of combat, that's not a typo. Your lib commie crap is ruining our country, while my son is defending your right to do so, you pathetic piece of crap.


    Yeah your son is. Not you. Other people sacrifice. Not you.
    That should be the right wing slogan. But the second your irrational hysteria affects yourselves, all of a sudden its big government this, commie that. It would be funny except for the fact you people vote


    derek... always "you people" Makes me think you don't consider yourself an American.

    And Cindy's right... you are "pathetic piece of crap".

    If the TSA actions are all about keeping us safe in response to the underwear bomber... how come it took them nearly a year to enact the changes?
    And what's with feeling up flight attendants and pilots that have been employed by airlines for more than 30 years?

    This is not about safety... it's another control tactic.

    Cindy in West Bend

    derek, you're an ass.

    Cindy in West Bend

    Joyce, Thanks. Cindy

    Cindy in West Bend

    Maddiepie, what's ticking them off is we're using their tactics against them, Their 'rules for radicals' is being turning against them. When they lose power or are vulnerable because their tactics fail, they lash out.

    Payback is a bitch, we are not taking it anymore, we don't care what they say, and we're moving forward.

    Notice how their attack adds didn't work in this past election. We don't care.

    What's the saying, don't sweat the petty, pet the sweaty. It's a great time right now for fconservatives.

    Liberals are irrelevant, we don't care, and they are mad we don't care. Poor saps. They're lashing out.

    Pathetic souls they are.


    derek, don't go there. Cindy is proud of her son, as we all are. Show her a little respect, even though you don't agree with her. She may have called you names, but you showed no class addressing this worried mom.


    I might add a parent sacrifices plenty when their child is in harms way. You should give Cindy an apology. Have it in you,derek?


    derek this is new low for even you. you are a huge jerk.

    you need to apologize to Cindy.

    James T. I would like to request that you permanently ban this jerk.

    He has insulted our Troops, our Veterans, and now their families.

    Cindy thank you for your Son's Service, we are all proud of Him. Cindy thank you for the sacrifice you have made, as your Son servers, we are grateful.



    I "fought" for my country too, just because you sign a mf'n contract does not make you unalienable. Respect had been given, derek didn't take anything away from Cindy's son, nor does she require special consideration because he is serving in the U.S. armed forces.

    Most of the Marines I served with would rather that you just left them the eff alone rather than parading them around like a show dog and using them to prove political points.

    For that matter, worries accompany motherhood, no matter what job their kids decide to go into. While I give her son much love for choosing a thankless, dangerous job, I don't see any reason for derek to apologize for clarifying a point about Cindy using her son's service to spout off about how liberals are "ruining our country".

    That's about as absolute as it gets, while you all sit there and drone on about how liberals will only accept liberal thinking in their politics. You go to great lengths to justify your way of thinking, yet liberals are not allowed to do the same?? Its their country too, and they have every right to challenge things they believe are unjust and corrupt.


    derek, don't even think about apologizing.


    Conservatives spend a good deal of time wetting their pants over national security. Whipping up hysteria and fear... and now have the nerve to question the security apparatus created by your homeboy in the wake of all this nonsense? Hell, how much bitching was there on this very blog about the underwear bomber?

    Hell, if the arizona immigration law didn't get struck down we would have went through the same song and dance. All it would have took was someone's grandfather to get locked up for having the temerity to walk down an American street without his papers. Then all of a sudden its back to "big government blah blah blah"


    Your view on how Cindy feels may change when your a parent, Chris. We can all rip the shit out of each other here, but there are lines that should not be crossed. An acknowledgment of a mothers concern should go without saying. You have just dashed any chances of getting any consideration from me or anyone here that agrees with me. My Marine buds would never put themselves above their moms. All moms deserve special consideration, or were you raised by trolls?


    What I don't understand is how they can bitch all day about big government, then with a scowl that screams of Mr. Scrooge they come back with "you liberals are preventing us from properly defending our country!!"

    You need a HUGE government to support our defense network. The upper echelon of the military defines "lavish government spending", and they just get more obscene day by day.

    I definitely think we have a smarter military than 40 years ago, unfortunately the enlisted are the only ones getting smarter.


    derek. the stupid feel good politicly correct bullshit screening thats going on at airports is all about not offending a certain group of people, namely middle eastern peeps. But once again everyone has to endure all this crap because your President doesn't have the balls to target them for bombs, instead of the rest of the population here in the U.S.


    yet my mother never threw my service, much like me, in anyone's face to prove a point, and she NEVER tried to turn my service into a political motivation. for that matter, conservatives do not always represent the best interests of the military, same as liberals and minorities, so why even bring it up?


    Look Chris, for what ever reason Cindy brought up her son, she is concerned about him. Cut a mom some slack. I'm sure she just wishes he was home.


    I don't want to get back on topic, here, but I think the problem is these new techniques are not a secret to the enemy-in fact, it seems we keep going out of our way to let the enemy know how to get around our security. "Hey, guys, we're going to pat everybody down and make you take of your shoes and socks, so think of new clever ways to mix explosives once you're in the sky and in the lavatory." It isn't helping, it's just pissing people off. I am all for added security, but not just for show, I want policies that actually work.


    Amen Andrew. It's just a glorified show for the terrorists.

    There is something inherently wrong with a government that pronounces all of the people guilty... but leave the back door at the border open for anyone to enter the country.

    Doesn't anyone in this administration have common sense?


    chris you sound bitter about your service. Sorry your mom did not support you, that must have been hard.

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