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    November 06, 2010


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    This radical has been instrumental in helping to create the tea party. "armed" "terrorists"... Who is she talking about... weather underground.

    Authorities should have left this terrorists in prison. Instead she's been indoctrinating young minds for 40 years! Scary.

    Why doesn't Behar call her B*****? Or Dowd call her "mean girl"?


    Just because it's taking you decades to write your book doesn't mean everyone else in the world needs a ghostwriter.


    @Joyce, because just like our girly gnat joyless and dowedy are the biggest bitches of all and idolize bernie.

    Oh my pumpkin head wrong again. Since 1983 the number of ghost writers has gone from 22 percent to 48 percent.

    Jeez Louise gnat can't you get anything right?


    derek = diddly

    If this is all he's got on what Mrs. Ayers has to say ...


    she's full of shit... the Tea party is the best thing the Democrats could have hoped for... unless there emerges a new liberal party that isn't gonna buy the "us against them" rhetoric same as the Tea party.

    She has an exceptional point, though never follows through on it, about how the country is polarized right now. Its the division that citizens engage in that allows politicians to whittle our civic power away. While we sit and bicker about barely-relevant social issues, Washington is being sold to the highest bidder.


    Oh Oh chrissy sour grapes can give you gas!!!
    Oh and have a better tomorrow. :)


    "Its the division that citizens engage in that allows politicians to whittle our civic power away."

    Sooo... good citizens of obamaland are allowed to shut up and lay down to get steamrollered?

    Dorn's just miffed because we're awake and speaking out... instead of her crowd. Boo-freaking-hoo!

    W gets it:

    Too bad lefties can't recognize democracy working!

    Rachel Ann

    Left-wingers can't get that it is the message people are rejecting. They keep thinking it is just packaged badly and we aren't understanding what is being said. I don't think Dorn's miffed as much as in fantasy land.

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