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October 13, 2010


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Blah blah blah my best friend is black nonsense. Not all of us sell our souls for speaking fees.


Good for you James. It boggles the mind that people (read liberals) are STILL portraying the TEA party as racist homophobes. I've been to several, and they are as diverse a group as any I've seen. Funny though - the protesters are usually young white folks. Things that make ya go hmmmmm


So what's the "tea party's" position on don't ask don't tell, or 14th amendment protections for gays, or civil unions/gay marriage?

Strom Thurmond banged black chicks, that doesn't magically mean he wasn't racist.

How do you propose for the government to actually treat people that are different from you? I could give a damn about whether or not you're friends with people that are different. You're a political movement not a boy scout meeting.


derek... You, young man need to educate yourself... GO to a Tea Party event!

So you say "Strom...banged"... any proof? Or did you "magically" pull that information out of a hat? And, if you recognize the traits of a racist... how come you cannot recognize when the race card is played to identify tea partiers?


derek seems to be feeling a little insignificant. I guess not having his own speaking engagement is eating him up to the point where he has to tear into James T.


Thurmond does have a daughter by one of his family's former servants, as well as many other children from various women (hence the nickname Sperm Thurmond). :-/


Let's get back to the post. I'm finding that the more the left and the media, but I repeat myself, mis-characterize the tea parties in an attempt t odrive people away, the more people are driven away from the lies. keep up the good work lefties...

Now back to the stories of Strom Thurmond, brought to you by someone who has to keep referring to the past to make any points about the present.


Great artical James!!

derek-try harder


James You Rock!
I have seen pictures from the Tucson Tea Party and it looks like another successful Event.

gnat is crying like a big pumpkin headed baby because no one has to bribe and pay us to attend these Rallies.
It boggles whats left of his mind that people of all ages, backgrounds, sex, professions, Religious beliefs and COLOR could possibly rally this much support and keep it going and growing for 21 months!
Wait until gnat realizes that after we win big in November we are not going to go away(like the kool aid drinkers)nope we are going to grow even bigger and work even harder to destroy everything the commie dog jackass hussein has done to our Country!

Yeah that ought to pop gnats last brain cell!!


Great letter James! I sent your link to an acquaintence who lives in AZ and she loved it and posted it to her FB page. :-)

What I have learned is that liberals/progressives don't bother to really learn what the Tea Party movement is about (nor do they care to want to find out) and allow the drive-by media to spoon feed them information, no matter how inaccurate it is.

Maddie - Saukville

Some of the things I like most about the Tea Party draw from it not being a centrally organized movement. The Democratic Party would be wise to stop intentionally misrepresenting it. The Republican Party, however, would be falling down stupid not to recognize that conservatives are beyond fed up with the RINO aspects of the party and since they repeatedly refuse to hear us, we're showing we don't need them as demonstrated now in several high profile primaries. I'm wondering if you think that is a valid assessment of where we are currently and if so, what might be in the future of the Tea Party(ies)? If the Republican Party fails yet again to hear us, respond to us and do so with action instead of words only, does the Tea Party attempt to centralize as a legitimate third party? Would that necessarily destroy the appeal of the current movement or is that a natural progression of it?

As most of you have heard me opine, I don't really like our two party system. The biggest problem with it in my eyes, and it goes both ways, is that one side simply needs to capitalize on how poorly the side currently with the most power is doing and say at least we're not them! With that formula, we've suffered greater and greater mediocrity and bigger and bigger failures. Not too many people have been happy with the direction of the country it seems for my entire life and the power has flipped several times. I honestly feel the Democrat and Republican Parties deserve much of the blame for how divided we seem to be and worse, I think they try to divide us so they can use us against each other.

Just some ponderings.

Nice piece James T!


But you ARE anti-gay. And loudly and proudly self-admittedly so.


ARE you gay spicey?
Are you loud and proud about it?
If you aren't gay what is your point?


So no one wants to even touch my question? It always comes down to the same thing with you people. Everyone's OK... as long as they know their place.


hsgbdmama... thanks for the info on the old guy "Sperm"... never knew about his hi-jinks. Of course, back then not much hit the news... unlike today.

derek... answer the question yourself... Go to a tea party. And we'll expect an honest reporting of the experience.
Or are you afraid of learning first-hand about who and what the tea party is?

Mary Sue

James, don't you get tired of telling liberals you are black?


gnat is your typical dried up troll. And to top it off he is lonely and wants someone, anyone to comment on his question.
But will gnat check out a Tea Party and find out first hand what they are about and who attends them?
Not a chance in Hell.
He is a lazy ass lib who lives on a commie one way street, it is his way or the highway.
So hit the highway gnat.
Because right now on the "buffoon meter" you are almost more of a buffoon than the commie dog jackass hussein.


Ok Derek I will take your challenge, not being an American nor a member of the tea party. this is my take on the tea party movement : the tea party is a diverse group of citizens concerned about government growth and largesse. the tea party has no positions on don't ask don't tell, the 14th amendment protection of gays or on civil unions or gay marriage, and the reason for this is they are a diverse group. Some support the positions you mention, some do not, but the point of unity and hence the movement itself is the governments size and mismanangement of funds it collects from taxpayers. So you know the only official position that matters, the government is wasting the money it collects. Every other issue is not as large, or of as much consequence, so the individuals of the movement make their own decisions not based on what the movement thinks but by what their own conscience informs them of.


I happen to think the Tea Party is a bunch of nationalist "garbage" founded by people who once thought they were privileged but have somehow "lost" that. These people think taxes should just go away and that we are being fleeced by the government rather than the rich people and corporations. I personally don't have a problem with these people because they have always existed.

Unfortunately for these people the idea of a free society does not really fit in with their belief sets, since they would have to resort to building walls on their borders and essentially closing off the country to any outside influence, not to mention there would be absolutely no way to pay for any type of effective government, especially on the scale it needs to be to support this country's population.

So along with the constant sense of foreboding that people who were not born here would feel, essentially they are offering a chance to restart the country in the dark ages and little chance of a middle class surviving due to the exorbitant wage disparity their platform would produce.

..geez that sounds alot like Saudi Arabia.


"especially on the scale it needs to be to support this country's population" Spoken like a true socialist. The Tea Party would like to see tax dollars spent WISLEY, not pissed down a hole like it has been.


Well that's one thing the Tea party and me have in common then. I don't make the claim that Democrats spend tax dollars wisely, but I certainly would also never claim Republicans do it either. As Maddie-S pointed out neither of the two parties are guiltless nor do they effectively represent all of the people within them.. I have said this before.

If you're going to hold people responsible you have to hold everyone not just the select few who will further your own cause.

Also, if it makes me a socialist that I happen to believe you can't have a free society without social programs, then I am definitely a socialist. I wonder when you will stop drawing the line at people who have one or two socialist ideas? Don't you think its detrimental to Democracy itself to completely shut out the opposing force?


Who in this camp excluded Republicans? Who said there should not be any social programs? In having this dialog, how does that completely shut any one out? Why do I bother?

Karl Hungus

Republicans excluded themselves, and shut themselves out. The grand campaign strategy is good at getting them elected, only to find out they have no idea how to govern effectively.

I am framing that political cartoon. It perfectly captures the insani-tea party.

James T.

Uh Ohhh! Huggy Bear is projecting again!

You just described the Obama administration and the whole Democrat party!

Yeah! Frame it Huggy! Frame it!!!


this brings me to my opinion of the anti tea party echo chamber. Some people simply don't care enough to learn on their own and digest the negative spin directed at the Tea Party folks and regurgitate inaccurate inferences as to the tea party make up. I think most people who dislike the tea party fall into this line of reaosning. the second group take the time to investigate the tea party, and because they aren't fringe enough or eccentric enough to just dismiss, they engage in intellectually dishonest rhetoric about what amounts to a number of citizens upset over the governments handling of its finances. The only issue the tea party folks hit at time and agian from state to state is the government and its mismanagement of funds. Now one could dislike the tea party because one's opinion is that the government is the best at fixing social issues, or at fixing the various problems our society faces, but I never hear anyone take that reasonable position (one I disagree with but to believe such a position is not crazy). I think Chris falls somewhere between the second and third category I spoke of. Derek I assume is in the second but he has been mostly stirring the pot and not engaging on ideas like he is capable of, so I could be wrong about him.

I know a couple of tea party attendees or participants, and while the group certainly has a fringe, its so small and hard to see, its general message is undeniable. I think their message is right, some may disagree but people fronting like the tea party is the new KKK or neo nazis, or just white folks mad at a progressive black man are guilty of not listening to what they talk about incessantly. I think my previous post nailed a very fitting description of the tea party, at least from an outsiders perspective. Karl, Chris, Derek I would like to see you guys engage us on why the main position of the tea party is wrong. You clearly feel it is, at least mostly, so please illuminate for us, the tea party friendlies, why you feel they are wrong.

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