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    October 01, 2010


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    Thats nice. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy that the President is connecting with the youth of America. Is it 2012 yet?


    Did anyone at the fundraiser get up and leave?


    Why do some rappers need to use that kind of language? Do they think they can't have a following without use of the n-word... or a sprinklin' of f-words?

    In the adult world there is no need to change up the language. Or to disrespect the audience you want to attract.

    I don't see anything here "super cool" ... just super juvenile.


    I'm a B.O.B. fan. He's one of those new artists that old heads like me don't have to feel embarrassed about saying we like. (as opposed to... Drake)

    Also... pearl clutching by people that know damn well they grew up with the Superfly soundtrack bumpin is hilarious.

    James T.

    Are you old enough to remember Superfly and the angst it caused Curtis Mayfield?

    Wow Derek, you are old!!!


    Not really, but I'm definitely a fan of gangster 70s music.


    And the DAR banned Marian Anderson( a more than decent singer) from performing at Constitution Hall in 1939, but they now allow these kind of lyrics? Maybe now I am glad they turned me down for membership.


    [blink blink blink.....acckkkk] It's times like these that make me very thankful the Good Lord made me hearing impaired! But then I had to go and read it! One of the reason I am not a hip hop or rap fan. I'd rather just hum. And derek you deserve a slap upside the head for your stupidity, but I know it wouldn't knock any sense into you so I will just roll my eyes and go my merry way!


    I forgot, i'm a black man, so listening to rap music is supposed to turn me into some misogynistic thug that can't assimilate into or contribute to mainstream america.

    It isn't the drug war, bad schools or anything like that that's doing people like me in, it's that damn Jay-Z, m i rite?


    am i, Derek and you don't have street cred, either. You are young and still going through growing pains. Get a life, date. Get off your computer and find a girl.


    Wow Derek! Seriously? You don't have to be embarrassed about being a fan of b.o.b.? after those lyrics? That says a lot about you and the people you hang out with. I'm just saying....


    What's wrong with the lyrics. His entire verse is pretty much about him just now becoming famous and regardless of the doubters he's here to stay. There's worse things in the world to get pissy about.

    But ohhhhhhhhhhhh he used the F word, i'm tellin!

    Grow up

    James T.

    You see Sandi, common decency and respect for the office of the Presidency is like soooo old school and childish!

    Grow up!

    Be an adult like Derek and B.o.B and Snoop Doggie Dog and P. Diddy, and T.I. and 50 cent and Lil' Kim and Lil Wayne and Ludacris and Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane and Wocka Flocka Flame and OJ da Juiceman and Lil Boosie (Who is on death row) and Young Jeezy...

    Yeah Grow up!

    HT To my son, who in not quite grown up.


    Yeah derek. When will you? "Grow up"

    If you believe that rappers' swill is grown up... you're really not an adult.


    See, that's the funny thing. On that list most of those people are really street. Ex felons or alleged felons, drug dealers, gang bangers, been shot etc.

    Then you have B.O.B. who really just makes light creative pop rap... but he gets lumped in with Waka Flocka Flame (what you know about waka, old man)? Hah

    You still have your point, because it's not like B.O.B. is the only guy to perform at some democratic event... but really, it's a bit amusing to pick on that particular rapper. He's like a cross between Lupe Fiasco, Andre 3000, and the Fresh Prince. Dude's pretty benign


    gnat, What is so F-ing creative about using the "F" word and saying "niggar" a hundred times, misspelling words and sending a thug message?

    There is nothing fun, inspiring, or rational about this shit that passes for music.

    The message is loud and clear, "I am a self indulgent classless ass who can be promoted enough to make money off of a bunch of senseless crap."

    And you gnat are a bigger loser than this useless piece of crap because you are trying to defend it.

    You are almost 28 years old. BoB thinks you are an old coot! His stupid ass lyrics aren't even aimed at your generation.

    Grow up. And get out of the
    government air-o-plan business.
    The "postal" Post Office is much more your speed.

    James T.

    I was more amused by all of the adult nick names Derek. I no nothing of the rap world.
    My son (who is young) does... to my chagrin.


    Um.. that's a pretty "vapid" list of rappers James. To tell you the truth most of the people on your list were musical prodigies that decided to get into rap after it was popular. No mention of Chuck D, KRS One, Q-Tip, Charlie Brown, Grand Puba, DEL, Rev. Run, Pete Rock and CL, Eric B. and Rakim, all who did it when it was still a sidenote, and all who should be revered for their contributions to their communities and the positive impact they had on young blacks.

    James T.

    Ahhhhhhhhh! You promised!

    Chris is back!!! and on a new thread!


    Its ok James, I put my can opener away, I'm just adding a note to the cacophony.

    James T.


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