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    October 01, 2010


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    Florida's environment (and economy) was very recently threatened by the stupidity that our addiction to oil leads us to indulge in and this jackass has the idiocy to heckle ideas for a better path...


    "2010 continues on track to be record hot year"

    But that's all coincidence right? Won't stop conservatives from lying to their mindless followers about how the earth is actually cooling or some such nonsense.

    It's bad enough that fossil fuel consumption causes global warming... but on top of that you have the environmental diasters and oil money going to terrorist supporters... and you all still have the nerve to tow big business's line like good little conservative sheep.


    It is a fact that sun spots and lack of thereof, is the biggest reason for the radical climate that they call global warming. I live here in AZ and we have giant Telescopes that map the sun and it has the most quiet sun spot activity for the longest time since records have been kept, and many feel that the Mayan Calender denoted this and in 2012 the sun spot activity will be active once again and it is now just starting to show activity after almost 3 yrs of a very quiet cycle!and in fact there was a period of over 18 months that there was no activity at all, now that should be news, but no! We have to listen to billionaires riding around in there SUV's and Corporate Jets tell us to change our lives to save the Earth!


    Derek, get off this site and find a good lady to date. You're young.......go enjoy it.



    Please show me the proof that fossil fuel consumption leads to global warming. While you are at it, show me the scientific study that shows the direct link between CO2 and temperture. You can't because it does not exist. Just a lot of models that seem to show some level of correlation but there is absolutely no proof of causation.

    If you want to deal with the green house gas issue, address the water vapor in the atmosphere which is multiples time more impactful as well as multiple times more prevelent in concentration.

    What is the ideal earth temperature? What if a warmer temp is more appropriate? More CO2 has been shown to lead to increased crop production. Maybe we want higher CO2 levels to address the world famine issues.

    Don't even go there, D.

    Joe Mamma


    Please show us how the deficit will saddle our children with insurmountable debt.


    Gosh derek... perhaps someone should tell GM to stop pushing fossil fuel cars in China:

    That "stupidity" as you call it affords you a job... can't direct planes when the flow of fossil fuels dries up. Unless of course, being the smart progressive that you are have discovered an alternative fuel for jet aircraft?


    Wow, Just because I say so everybody else is ignorant. That's Dreck, that's the liberal mind.

    And what happened to that threat to Florida? Remember the media crying from the rooftops, declaring the entire Gulf of Mexico a "dead zone" for the next 1000 years? Liberals at work once again.

    I'm pleased that common sense is finally taking the lead over those who determined this science to be settled prematurely.


    So cookers why is venus hotter than mercury? Just by chance? The greenhouse effect obviously exists. And i'll address the water vapor effect... WHEN THE WATER CYCLE STOPS ADDRESSING IT. Surely you've heard of rain.

    TerryN prefers being lucky to being smart. Maybe next time the ocean currents don't play along.


    Gee gnat I thought "Men were from Mars!"
    Figures a lib guy like you would be into "Venus!

    OK knucklehead you worry about Venus. Obviously you will soon need a place in outer space to live.


    So Dreck is saying there was a lucky ocean current this summer that caused the (liberal) media to be wrong yet again.

    To me being smart is having proof of a theory before legislating to counteract that theory. Especially when that legislation does not even address the perceived issue on a global scale.

    Brew City Firefighter


    Damn the ocean for not cooperating to prove a point. I don't know about Venus but I think Uranus needs some attention, maybe Chris can help you with that. Also, what kind of bike do you ride to work you hypocrite? Cookers is dead on and you are just ignorant.


    Brew LOL!

    James T.

    He, he, he...

    Maddie - Saukville

    Derek = Tipper

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