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    October 13, 2010


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    pat l

    these people represent the true spirit of the holiday.


    I will pray for them James, the Petkovs need the Lord in their life so much it is plainly evident to anyone who sees


    Despicable. If it is at all possible, they should be made by the court system to take sensitivity classes and learn how to be humane. These people are worse than the slime under the rocks that they came out from under.


    I might even pray for these idiots... though from what it looks like they have been contacted by the appropriate civil forces.


    Petkov looks a little like the "Before" picture in Ann Coulter "Before" and "After" bulimia photos:

    Andrea A.

    Ever since I've heard this story I've prayed for these folks... and for the little girl & her family members.

    What's the world coming to? (and no, I am not looking for an answer to this. I already know, and I can hardly wait! :)


    I watched this the other night after reading the article, because I just really couldn't believe anyone could be THAT cruel and vindictive. Watching Jennifer Petkov spew the vile things out of her mouth AGAINST an innocent little girl who's precious life is not long for this world, I could not comprehend it. But than again, I can't comprehend suicide bombers and terrorists who have no regard for human life especially innocent children. It really was sickening to see that woman nearly GLEEFUL in her spite. So then I see the "apology" which really came from her husband (but of course he tried to justify it)and I wondered, "So did Mom and Dad see this on the news and were mortified and angry at you two idiots blackening their name?" Tell you what, if either of my children or ANYONE I knew acted like this, especially against a dying person or child, they certainly would get an earful from me!

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