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October 20, 2010


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Whoa Bobby... that wasn't the question. He may believe in the Declaration... but does he believe in the Creator? bho seems to have a problem acknowledging the rights come from the Creator... why is that?

My rights come from God... not the Dems or big government or Barry! How about you lefties?


So I assume you're against capital punishment joyce? Life being an inalienable right from god and all that...


D., put your red herring away and address the issue for once. Our country's foundation is made of that declaration, which includes our Creator. Why would our President leave that part out and more than once? I think that's a fair question and deserves an answer.


Why? is the president hurting your poor wittle feewings?


Does God (A.K.A. "Creator", etc.)offend you D.?

Karl Hungus

Glenn Beck believes we all become gods of our own worlds through the Mormon religion. Why don't you call him out? Is it because he hates what you hate? I know, I'm changing the subject - forgive me. But since Beck's "religion" is an abomination (according to St. Paul) Christians have an obligation to call him out, whether or not he shares our political views.

So...will you serve God or mammon?


derek... nothing... you're not worthy of a response if you have to change the subject. What a DA!


Dude, 2 wars, 9.6 percent unemployment and this is what you got to bitch about? Why the hell would i ever substantively respond to this?


derek... when one verbally quotes from documents/books/articles written by others, one should not leave out words just because one does not agree.

Seems as though derek is more bothered by unemployment/wars than others here. Boo-Hoo!

Hey derek... what has your president done to "change" these issues?


Huggy, just being wise as serpents and gentle as doves.

That's in the Bible, by the way.

D, your boy BHO gets full credit for the 9.6%. If I recall correctly, his plan was to prevent any number above 8.0%. So what happened?

I'll answer for you. Incompentence and an understanding of how the economy works that rivals your lack of knowledge on the subject.

Karl Hungus

So Cookie, it's mammon? Thanks for the honesty.


Obama's problem with the Creator is this:

He is The Competitor.

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