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    October 04, 2010


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    Andrea A.




    Well done video, but sad. Hope Mom and Dad are at peace.


    Darn it! Where is that Kleenex box?? How about some advance warning next time? Truly this makes whatever issues we have with our children small and inconsequential and each day really is a blessing!


    Evidence that every life is precious regardless of the problems associated.

    Peace to the parents, may the memory of Eliot last all their days.

    Thanks for posting this JT.


    What courage to share that with the world...What great parents and how special baby Eliot is.
    May the time they had help ease the loss of their child.
    Need to stop the tears now.

    Maddie - Saukville

    They should have yanked him out at seven months and left him to die in a broom closet or once born and his diagnosis confirmed, denied him the feeding tube and let him starve to death, wouldn't those have been the compassionate choices to make?

    Of course that isn’t what I believe and I'm sorry to interject vitriol in a truly beautiful and amazing story but we live in a world where many would make those arguments and I can’t be silent about that fact.

    Thank God for choosing the Mooney’s to share in the many miracles of such a precious life and thank the Mooney’s for sharing him with us.


    Amen Maddie, thank God for the Mooney's, living examples of the Lord's love.


    Wow, what a beautiful story and so close to my own heart.
    Being a mom who had twins born a month early with many difficulties and now being able to look at my amazing near 13 year olds.
    I am so thankful for the 2 miracles in my life and thankful not for the 99 days of Eliot!

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