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    October 03, 2010


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    So due to high winds over a weekend a flag becomes unhooked from the pole. If the school isn't staffed on a weekend is the staff supposed to go in on a Sunday to repair the flag or wait until Monday morning to fix it(which was done)?

    Seriously James is this the best you can do? Check out test scores at Fernwood my friend, they are all equal to or above the rest of the state, not just other MPS schools. Isn't that what really matters?


    Bad call here JT.

    Volunteered for an intergenerational school event earlier this year... dukefame is right on.

    Besides you're disssing Fernwood... I'm a graduate. Not gonna say how many years ago;-)


    The flag was still up at 4:30 today. The word I got from the school secretary was the engineer was aware.

    This flag should have been taken down first thing mondy morning!

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    i am now sniff sniffing into my afternoon tea... this time last week we were sweating like we have never sweated before, in the best possible way to sweat. gosh how i miss my dearies and their perfectly perfect doilifying ways!


    Bob...that is a lie. The flag was removed well before 4:30pm and you know it. Regardless, would James have posted this if a flag was damaged and remained up at some suburban school?

    James T.

    dukefame you don't know me very well do you...


    I think the important kernel of information has been stated... your "patrons" are willing to say whatever it takes, be it lie or truth, to make your political innuendo/drivel seem sensible.

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