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    October 21, 2010


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    Milwaukee Mike

    If we don't turn this ship now, this future scenario will be a secondary concern to living under sharia law.


    Its amazing that all those Chinese people agreed to do this snappy bit of propaganda. They probably got paid lots of money though, so its understandable.

    Fear is a tool that can have violently adverse effects when repeatedly used improperly.

    Let me ask you all a question. Will you ever accept working for Chinese or living under Sharia Law or whatever brown-people-takeover-system you try to scare people with?

    Cuz I won't. It will mean my death before any of those things happen.


    How much of a lack of self awareness does it take to make something this stupid...

    Seriously, a COMMUNIST country lecturing on taxing and spending and how american spending will allow it to own us...

    That's that most contradictory nonsense I've seen in a while. I marvel at the intellectual lows you all can reach.


    "Cuz I won't. It will mean my death before any of those things happen."

    Ooooh chris... for once we agree!


    David Zucker always pays his Hollwood actors exactly what the union scale requires. what, you didn't really think this ad was made in China, did you Chris? Ha,ha. What a student of film you are, you dolt.


    "I marvel at the intellectual lows you all can reach."
    Oh gnat you are such a foolish loser.
    Your comments above show you have no intellect at all.
    But as I always say you are good for a laugh.
    Glad to see you finally watched a video.


    No, you idiot, I didn't think this was made in China. I don't get how you would glean that info from what I wrote, you jerk. I thought by calling it propaganda meant that it came from conservatives, not China... you asshole.

    aaand WTF does David Zucker have to do with anything anyway??? nimrod.


    Such an outburst, Chris. Their Asian people Chris. How do you know their Chinese? What a crab. Smoke some of your garden and calm down. Notice how some people get all pissed off when you bust them on their shite.


    Plenty of kids in that classroom are definitely Chinese. I can tell the difference, but I guess to you they all look alike, don't they?


    Sidenote: China owns like 6 percent of our debt. The vast majority of US debt is owned by americans.

    I mean, the video is stupid all around. It just fundamentally doesn't make a bit of sense. It's like politics as abstract art.


    Weak shot, Chrissy. I would bet a million bucks I could pick out more nationalities correctly than you can. It's a hobby of mine.

    Stacey B

    Why does a well produced, short vid elicit such antagonistic remarks?

    When it has a ring of truth to it.


    Amen StacyB... truth is difficult to accept by some.


    Stacey B:

    Its propaganda. Doesn't even resemble the truth. You want to know what "fear-mongering" is? This is it.


    Ooops... perhaps should have clarified my statement "potential future" truth...if we continue to allow the "D=Drive" (according to bho) party to spin their wheels in the ditch they drove America into. When one is stuck in the mud/muck one does not continue to gun the engine in drive.

    Continuing with bho's recent analogy he said Republican party is "R=Reverse".

    Common sense in that man is telling... he has None. In how to steer a car... or in the leadership of a nation on the brink of economic disaster.


    The party that added 6 trillion to the national debt... almost as much debt as we had TOTAL is going to "get us out of a ditch"

    Do you all even grasp those numbers? 6 TRILLION. About 3 times as much as you all have bitched at Obama about.


    As for the ad having a "ring of truth"... like most political ads, it's simply for people that have very little knowledge of the world around them.

    I know that China could use all the money it currently has in reserve to buy our debt... and we'd still own like 75+ percent of it. I know that communists aren't going to be taking people to task about spending or nationalizing companies.

    There's literally nothing in the commercial that makes sense. But you all like it because it comes to the conclusion you like. The fact that it got there in a stupid manner is inconsequential to people that prefer to be told rather then think. That's why i always call you all sheep.


    Tell us all derek how many Trillion bho has added to that deficit... and the record number of months it took!

    You really aren't that dim are you? BAA... following a leader like bho!


    The 2009 budget was signed by bush and projected at 1.2 trillion before Obama ever even stepped foot in office.

    The question how much do you actually know about the world you live in?


    Joyce, he knows how fast the debt grew and by how much. This is all getting tiresome. This condescending nobody knows as much as I do crap is laughable from this weak little turd, and I'm only giving it this much attention because the Packers don't play until 7 pm.


    derek... I'll expect an apology to my grandkids from you and every dingbat that voted for this idiot.

    It is young children and those yet unborn who will pay for the mistakes of the indoctrinated generation.

    Once again dumba$$... you'll be in servitude for the rest of your life... paying down bho's deficit... if your government job still exists! Enjoy!


    Reality is, bush bailed out wall street, fannie and freddie, GM, had his own stimulus checks etc.

    Who should really be apologizing. I at least know when and how these things happened. You guys just spout slogans.


    Derek, when can we expect your condemnation of BHO for his 2010 budget and all of the projected budgets for the remainder of his term? Each of which is projected to be 2-3X the largest deficit from 2000 to 2008.

    We have been consistent in our condemnatin of Bush for his spending. Do you have the intellectual integrity to do the right thing?

    Do You?



    derek... really you aren't that dumb not to recognize the dealings of Frankie, Freddie and Fannie... are you?

    Funny you need to mention "GM"... bailed out and owned by bho's government. Ready to buy that 40,000 Volt... sucker?


    "The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled,
    public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be
    tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should
    be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to
    work, instead of living on public assistance."
    Sound like today? Actually it dates back to Cicero - 55 BC. What's the saying? If we fail to remember history, it will repeat itself. "Rome" is buring & this video is supposed to be nothing more than propaganda or "scare mongering"? Really?

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