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    October 06, 2010


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    Exploitation of children is so last week, don't you think? What next? How about polar bears ransacking the town grocery and instead of eating up the meat counter, have them chewing up the little old lady at the check-out.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Why is it always the children? Ecofreaks have it completely within their power to decrease the number of humans impacting mother earth and spare her precious resources for a future generation and there isn't a court in any country who would charge, let alone convict them of the crime.


    (Crafted from reclaimed metals of course and do it at a worm farm to nurture the circle of life and also so we don't need to cut down a tree to make a box to bury you in or cremate you emitting toxins in the air. You adamantly believe the earth is doomed because of man, show us your devotion to that belief and make the ultimate sacrafice, be an eco-martyr and ye shall be rewarded in the next life with 50 virgin trees!)


    Keep researching what is true and what someone tells you is true.

    Speak the truth often especially to the kids.

    Pray for the lost souls who created the ad... and for the people who refuse to see the truth and acknowledge the difference between right and wrong.


    The single payer option, in hindsight, is an excellent way to reduce human population, thus saving this moment in Earth's evolution.

    The socialists responsible for the most human deaths in the 20 century would be proud.


    yeah this is terrible, how could they print such vile representations of things, those socialist baby killers... now I will work extra hard to top that with a wall sized poster of an aborted fetus that I will make my children hold up on freeway overpasses, that's in much better taste.

    James T.

    Weak, weak, weak... Chris, stop the madness.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Chris, you're not even at Derek's level with that one. Putting that type of picture in public is pretty brutal and I've not done it, I personally wouldn't want a five year old seeing a picture of a dismembered human arm smaller than a postage stamp. The truth is brutal sometimes and some poor examples of men need pictures of Auschwitz put in front of them as small dogs need their noses put on carpet stains. They look incredibly foolish fumbling to still defend their views as compassionate or righteous. There is an awfully good reason for that, they condone the mass slaughter of the most innocent and defenseless of all humans. God bless you Chris, you need it.


    Back to the topic of climate change..., it just makes eco-nuts feel good to put on their eco-crusader suits and spread their message consisting of junk science being pushed by a non deserving, Nobel prize winning ex-vice president who will benefit greatly by investments in " green " technology.


    Amen Frank. Feelin' good message... though for everyone but themselves. And if you don't believe it... take a look at the garbage-strewn mall after the lefty event on 10/2.


    And chris... who puts a noose on a child's neck? I would not want my 6-year-old grandson to see this sign... nor any child!! It sends a terrible message... and frightens children.

    Unless of course that is what the lefties intention is... Why is that? Isn't there enough horror in the world to deal with?


    wow you guys are proving my point for me.

    Maddie - "The truth is brutal sometimes and some poor examples of men need pictures of Auschwitz put in front of them as small dogs need their noses put on carpet stains."

    -so then you are cool with the noose poster, right? Same thing.

    Joyce - "I would not want my 6-year-old grandson to see this sign... nor any child!! It sends a terrible message... and frightens children."

    - so does posters of aborted fetuses hanging from freeway overpasses.

    Also, Derek is smarter than all of your minds collectively! You should listen to Derek once in awhile, but I doubt that will happen since you seem to use him as your source of entertainment, rather than actually discussing things with him.

    Personally I think the noose poster is whacko, but it rides along the same rails as the obscene anti-abortion material. I think its quite hypocritical to point fingers at the "other side" when your side is doing the same shit.

    James, thanks for ignoring the important points of my post and going straight for the button pushing. I see discussion is not in your future either.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Chris, you aren't getting it. Global Warming is a hoax, a modern day snake oil. The holocaust was real, millions of people were murdered, abortion is real, millions of babies are murdered. Nazi, real. Abortion, real. Global Warming, money making scheme and a lie, not real, fallacy.

    I used to read Derek, I stopped. I don't need to reread the same regurgitated sputum over and over and over. Derek doesn't reason and if we use him for our entertainment, well, maybe he should come up with some new material and at least give us something else to talk about. I'm glad you think the poster is not mainstream but the underlying issue is not remotely an equivalency.

    An abortion related photo tells a complete story with incontrovertible facts. A life was created and a life was ended, cruelly, monstrously. The dismembered arm was attached to a human body, not a randon collection of cells, not a tumor, a living person. You can argue about the health of the baby, the genetic make up of the baby, the possible mortality rate of the baby but you cannot argue that it isn't a human being that was torn to pieces at a point in life that every single one of us has experienced and you cannot deny that a majority of them believe in the words of God that before any of us were formed in the womb, he knew us.

    A little girl in a noose to perpetuate a claim often shown to be based on bad science, corrupted data, ignored data, falsified data, political coercion and cause celeb not to mention simple firsthand observation to the contrary that conventiently enriches the claimants while it insists a couple of billion people have more to do with temperature than a roughly million mile wide thermonuclear furnace a mere 93 million miles away on a globe 22,000 miles wide which has been intensely hot and intensely cold for many eons more than those people have even existed.

    They couldn't be more different.


    Well put, Maddie.


    Right on Maddie.

    chris... assumptions again... imposing lies that all of the conservatives march with anti-abortion signs? You speak in generalities... where's the evidence that the posters on this blog are activists?

    News flash to chris... garbage data on global warming. It is a HOAX. Do you need a dictionary to look up the word hoax?


    I love the way you so forcefully decry global warming as a hoax. Has someone here studied global climate? I don't think so. Nobody posting here on this blog is even a novice student of environment, nor can you refute the global warming data with anything else but "the sun did it, not our fault". Even if it is the sun's fault, now that you at least have SOME idea of what the industrial revolution, cows, and space shuttle launches do to our atmosphere, do you want to continue on the same path without giving any thought or concern that we MIGHT ACTUALLY BE SCREWING IT UP??????

    Whether or not the type of climate change we are experiencing is natural or not, going around saying "its all a hoax"! is irresponsible at the very least, and at the most is ignorant of the concerns of our future generations. I agree the political posturing over global warming is ridiculous, and I'm sure data has been misrepresented here and there, but to sit there and say "we aren't doing anything" and continue dumping our wastes into the water, soil, and atmosphere the way we have been is a exceptionally ignorant choice.

    Sorry, Joyce, your earless leader made the first generalization when he started out this blog with "Progressives think". I know not all conservatives march around with pictures of bloody aborted fetuses, but I guarantee those people would feel right at home here with James and the rest of you. I don't need to provide you "evidence" of you here being guilty of waving abortion posters around, because I'm not suggesting that you do, but many of your like do, and that's all that matters here. You started out this post judging ALL progressives, not just the ones who made that poster, which are also NOT representative of ALL progressives, yet I didn't hear anyone making the distinction. So, no my statements are not assumptions, and why don't you tell me exactly what data is "garbage" so I have a chance to offer you a different opinion, or are you too scared because you don't know what data is "garbage" and what is real, and you're just quoting your favorite TV/Radio conservative icon, who doesn't really know either?

    You are all so satisfied saying "its all a hoax" but what are you doing about toxic waste spills and mercury infested salmon in Lake Michigan?


    You leave that for your so-called "eco-terrorists" whom you despise.


    I've studied the environment and marched for this planet back in the early 1970's. I've since followed the data and have come to the conclusion that the crap Gore and his ilk are peddling, is bunk. Anyone that presumes no one here knows nothing about the subject is a presumptuous ass.


    "You are all so satisfied saying "its all a hoax" but what are you doing about toxic waste spills and mercury infested salmon in Lake Michigan?


    Cool. Tom Barrett thinks the same thing. He just adds to it...

    You are pretty satisfied with admonishing the fine people who contribute to this blog, but what are you doing to add something of importance to this conversation other than ignorance?


    Maddie - Saukville

    Chris, one of the things I'm doing about mercury infested salmon or mercury anywhere it shouldn't be is refusing to give up the incandescent light bulb because CFLs contain, anybody?, anybody?, MERCURY. I personally don't trust liberals or other types of properly disposing of CFLs because they've never proven they can! How long has simple recycling been around? I am a conscientious recycler, conservation is very close to conservatives and yet when I take my trash out and my sorted materials out to the community dumpsters in an economically challenged complex with many residents receiving rent assistance, what do you think I find? That's the people who don't work for what they have, have no respects for anyone's property thing again Chris, it is the entitlement class and you want to know why? If newspaper and cardboard is in my community dumpsters and rotten food is in my recycling containers, guess what? Waste Management gets annoyed and when Waste Management gets annoyed, they fine property owners and when property owners get fined, property owners pass that fine on to their tenants in the form of higher rent which I pay, both for my own unit and the subsidy to each of the units of the people who don't give a damn where they throw things and never will because it doesn't affect them!

    Another thing I do for earth is not throwing all kinds of trash all over the National Mall.

    Econuts, liberals, they always ask, how many kids have you adopted, what neighbor have you given a ride to, where are you throwing away your mercury? I think that is liberal guilt. There is a self insecurity in someone who has to ask what everyone else is doing and a major self insecurity in someone who feels compelled to restrict what anyone else should be doing.

    I am, at minimum, a novice student of climatology and I have more than thirty-five years of personal observation and data to rely upon. I think it is more interesting to note that I have nothing to gain if it gets warmer or if it gets cooler unlike St. Albert Gore of the Church of Global Warming, the manufacturers of CFLs, politicians, celebrities, etc. This is earth, we have weather. Weather over a period is climate. Weather and climate are not constants. They are affected by very large objects such as stars which go through cycles, elliptical orbits/another cycle, rotational axis/another cycle.

    I'm glad you mentioned the industrial revolution. The dawn of the industrial revolution was far, far dirtier than industry today. I don't know how old you are so I don't know if you're aware of how polluted the Great Lakes used to be but Ontario, Huron and especially Erie were cesspools and Michigan and Superior were not as clean as they are presently either. We used to put lead in gasoline. Leaded gas produced better mileage Chris but it was also really dirty and toxic. There are trade offs, there is progress, there are trends. Absolutes are very, very rare in nature or otherwise but we don't go from an ice age to inhospitably hot in the course of thirty years.

    If someone wishes to convince me that man is killing the planet, how about an inkling of consistent data, how about science which never says we know everything and anyone who doesn't agree isn't really all that smart, how about honesty. That isn't the current state of reality and there a lot of people making a lot of money on it.

    Contrary to my Christian roots I say that guilt isn't a good argument, it doesn't require proof. Faith is belief without proof and as a Christian, I have no issue in stating as much, you won't get that admission from the Gore flock.

    Maddie - Saukville

    I forgot, I've no doubt that someone who shows abortion related photos in public feels impassioned about infanticide as do I but as I said, I wouldn't want a small child to see that and I'm not one to say that the right to do a thing doesn't make doing it right. I'll talk to my pro-life friends about it, why don't you talk to the sick sobs that protest the funerals of soldiers?

    Maddie - Saukville

    Impersonating Derek again-scratch that, I'm not one to say that the right to do a thing makes doing it right. I believe having the right to do something doesn't mean it is right to do it.


    I think everyone here would agree that doing their part to improve practices in caring for the Earth is a worth while task, but to suggest that we are more powerful than the great forces around us, and out in the cosmos, is just arrogant. It's going to take a lot more than the human race to wreck the planet.

    Rachel Ann

    I have a lot less objections to this poster than the blow the kids up one, which is just sick. That said,this one is also a sick pupppy idea, but just slightly less morbid.

    I don't want my kids seeing dead bodies, children being murdered, or fetal remains without my knowledge and input. I don't think any should be for public viewing.


    Read chris' comments late last night. Didn't warrant a response, except to ask the same: What are you doing besides marking smug remarks?

    Thanks Maddie... my thoughts expressed well by you ;-)

    10 years from now the whining left will be creating laws to limit the use of lights? The problem: CFLs polluting the ground.


    Maddie firstly I am not representing those people at all, my issue is that its sufficiently hypocritical of this blog to call out:

    econuts, liberals.

    and turn a blind eye to the nearly identical actions of your own "ilk":

    Christian zealots, conservatives.

    I'm glad you watch your mercury waste, and because "econuts" have bitched in the past, people are conscious of mercury in the water. People are conscious of recycling, oil waste, CFC's, carbon footprints etc.etc. because some econut bitched about it. I would say generally nothing was done in any environmental case in history until it was too late to prevent long-term hazard, which is sad and displays great ignorance, and why econuts feel the need to bitch even louder these days. Maybe they are on to something though... maybe they and Erin Brokovitch have a swell idea.

    While man may not have near the effect that the forces of the universe can suddenly without warning unleash upon the planet, this is the only place we have to live. If our effects on it are negative, which they are right now, I would be very much interested in reducing our effect as much as possible. Contrary to your opinion we can go from unbearably hot to ice age in weeks under the right atmospheric conditions.

    Do you really believe scientists think they know everything and are calling people dumb because they don't believe in global warming? That's the media, not scientists. You are holding science accountable for that poster and that's ridiculous, if not reprehensible.

    "That isn't the current state of reality and there a lot of people making a lot of money on it."

    A lot of money? Go get the Forbes 500 list and find me one single company that is listed there that makes "alot of money" off being concerned about the environment. Then go find me the laundry list of manufacturers on that list that are guilty of local environmental disasters. You know what nevermind I'll do it for you.

    Altria Group
    General Motors
    Johnson & Johnson

    ..shit I'm not even through the first 50.

    The sick SOB's that protest military funerals are Christian zealots that are protesting the acceptance of gays in the military..... oops. That looks like it hurts.

    I don't know what your last post means.

    Joyce, which of my remarks are smug? Seems like I wrote a hell of a lot more than you did, is it all just one big smug remark?? Or are you just not reading again and trying to diminish my arguments by ignoring them like you usually do?

    See what most people do, Joyce, when they are debating something, is to offer some objection that has substance behind it, rather than just saying "you're wrong" , and "yeah, what she said" like you just did.

    I'm sure it makes you feel good to cheerlead your buddies on, but you are not adding anything, save contempt, to the discussion, and no thanks I'll pass.


    "The sick SOB's that protest military funerals are Christian zealots that are protesting the acceptance of gays in the military"

    Phelps and his ilk -- a/k/a his family -- are not Christians and do not espouse anything that the Bible teaches. All they do is espouse hate.

    IRT to the post here, I was in grade school in the '70s when the next ice age was imminent, all promoted by people who studied it and stuff. Huh.

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