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    October 04, 2010


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    This evidence proves my point that my elected representative in the House has a job for life... because of the color of her skin.


    never checked approval ratings by race before, but i'd like to point out that no majority of whites have voted for a democratic presidential candidate since LBJ. But i'm supposed to pretend that the republican strategy since 64 isn't based on fanning white resentment because it hurts the feelings of people like joyce.


    Feelings not involved here... just honesty. How honest are you derek?


    At the fundamental core, the modern day parties divide up like this. Democrats insist on protecting the little guy. Republicans insist on protecting the status quo (which necessarily benefits the privileged).

    So the votes fall where you expect them to fall. Whites on one side, everyone else on the other. Point out that the dems seek out minority votes through identity politics, and no one bats an eye. But point out that the GOP seeks white votes through the same manner and all of a sudden the whining starts.


    If as you claim derek: " Democrats insist on protecting the little guy."

    Please explain how most of the major cities in America, mine included are failing: schools, poverty, high crime... all controlled by Democrats for decades... mine the last 40 years. The socialists before them in Milwaukee did a better job.

    Looking out for the little guy... like the unions are looking out for the little guys today?

    Dream on chump!

    Perhaps the "everyone else" voting Dems are just more gullible... swallowing the lies they want to hear.

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