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    September 10, 2010


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    Maybe it's time for treasurers to show some passion and intensity ...


    Channeling a little Dean?

    Stacey B

    I would have been the person slowing slinking out of the chair, onto my hands and knees, and crawling out of that room. This is a classic anxiety attack. And the guy can sense it a couple of times and tries to slow down. But, like a fully-loaded freight train, there's no stoppin' this baby.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Top Ten Replies from the RNC:

    10. Have you considered switching to decaf Mr Davison?

    9. You're not gellin' are you?

    8. Briefs but should be boxers.

    7. Five words: Davison for
    Moth** F***ing Treasurer.

    6. You mean that wasn't coming out swinging we just saw?

    5. We have to nominate him, we're afraid to tell him no.

    4. Shaving his little mustache off made him look ten years younger.

    3. Anyone else's ears ringing?

    2. Ask your doctor if elephant tranquilizers are right for you.

    1. He won't need an expensive office, he has a van down by the river!


    this dude its nuts, I wouldn't vote for him after that speech. I don't care which party he is for he ain't right upstairs


    Is he going to cry if he doesn't get in?


    Maddie, LOL! Thanks for the laughs.



    1. A Masters in Communication?

    2. What was he before running, a professional student?

    3. Passion is good but Obsession/Delusion added to the mix? hmmmm I am slinking out of there with Stacey before he pops out the Uzi.


    Dawn, I caught that too.

    Masters degree in communication?

    I'd ask for my money back.


    Looks like he's got a new source of income - suing the educational institution who obviously just passed him along so they didn't have to deal w/him until he eventually graduated. It seems he's got a good case already w/this video.



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