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    September 10, 2010


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    Tactful, confident, and competent. Everything that our President isn't.


    most amazing video I saw all day, and I must say, as a leader, this man is impressive.


    okay...this guy does need to run for president and damn soon!

    Do you Christie...I ain't mad attcha!


    Sounds as though the NJ teacher's union leaders think like MPS union leaders. And, Milwaukee property owners keep on forking over money to cover full-paid health insurance... and how much was MPS teacher's cost of living increase the last couple of years?

    We need a force like Gov Christie to stand up to the power-hungry union leaders.


    After watching BO's press conference this morning, where he did his normal point and blame (do you know that he said "I," "me" or "my" 21 times in the approx. 9 minutes of his opening remarks?), watching this was refreshing ... Gov. Christie clearly and articulately stated what the problem was, how he tried to work with the union, and what he ended up needing to do when the union made their decision.

    It was good too that he called out the unions for praying for his death.

    I will be very happy to call this man my president on Jan. 20, 2013.


    Christie - Ryan in 2012?


    It ain't over til the "fat man" speaks...hehe

    Sarah from tosa

    WI isn't NJ, our teachers are not covered 100 percent for all those health benefits for the rest of their lives ... I wish, maybe its time my teaching husband looks at another state!
    The unions here take too much from the teachers pretend to speak for all of us and the fees would be better served in our own pockets!


    I have been a champion of Christie since before he got elected. I donated to his Campaign.
    I do believe in him and his ideas.
    With that said he is backing RINO Mike Castle in Delaware for joe bidden's senate seat.
    Until we "drain the swamp" there will always be hard choices on who to back and who to vote for.
    I am coming to terms with this because even though Sarah Palin and people in the Tea Party's are backing Christine O'Donnell, I am not sure she is the right Candidate.


    I wish I could fire back like Gov Christie without stammering and sputtering! This guy really has his facts and information to be able to REBUTT this Teacher succinctly, eloquently and respectfully! Little girl you've just been smacked down! Moral of the story? Before you whine complain and generalize what YOU think is the truth, you better be damn sure you KNOW the WHOLE Truth and not just what the Union Memo of talking points tells you.


    Here is more from this session, where you see this teacher from the front, and where she gets interviewed (and of course she complains about him):

    Dan K

    ...with a PH.


    Hot damn...

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