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    September 07, 2010


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    Derek must be in love! Yet another nut-case playing the race card. Are they really that clueless or have they just run out of all other arguments??


    Stop running a platform that involves scaring whites about blacks, muslims, hispanics etc. and you won't get called racists and bigots

    Simple concept, even for you all.

    Now go back to the important work of hating muslims and trying to prove the NAACP are the real racists in america.


    derek = well worn out race card

    Stacey B

    Then stop scaring me. Stop scaring me with an expansionist/socialist government where the majority look to an all-powerful few for their happiness and forsake any concept of free will. Stop scaring me with massive immigration with no checks, balances, and personal protection. Stop scaring me with laws that would subjugate women and then threaten to obliterate another country. Once you break it down without a hint of color, it is scary, very scary indeed. I just might go out and have myself a rally and voice my allegience to my favorite, white, & blue.


    Derek = one-topic argument for all debates. Dude, the race card is not a one-size-fits-all cover for every issue. Time to give up the security blankie and join the real world.


    Been busy with fishing and hunting and will be for awhile. PC has it nailed. Good stuff PC, and derek, quit sniveling, your sounding like a true victim that has nothing to bitch about other than maybe they don't have that great creamer for your coffee. Enjoy your nice government job.


    Proof is in the pudding.

    Deportation is up, immigration is down.

    "Inflow down by nearly two-thirds"

    But you all still bitch about immigration? Why? Because it isn't about illegal immigration. It's about anxiety that someone different from you is going to cut you in line for something and take what's yours.

    As a movement you continually break things down by culture and race, then have the nerve to get pissy about it when someone points out that maybe... just maybe saying muslims want to kill everyone and take over america is a tad bigoted. Or when you get scared about an immigration problem you live no where near and that isn't really even that much of a problem... the suggestion that maybe your problem is just with hispanic people throws you all into hysteria.


    " inflow down by nearly two-thirds". Yeah derek, if thats true, making a noise about it months ago is paying off. What's the problem? Your generalizing when you say non muslims want muslims dead. Thats not true and you know it. No one here has said they want to see good people dead. People don't want terrorists to kill , and if terrorists of the muslim faith kill people there is going to be a focus on what muslims do. It's not rocket science dude, people will look their way. Your blanket coverage of concerned people wondering if, or when, we will get attacked again, is wrong and frankly makes me wonder where you stand. Do you stand with the U.S.A. or some faction that is trying to kill innocent people? Think before you answer, otherwise your in for a lot of grief.


    And, derek, don't assume who dislikes Hispanics or who may have them in their camp or may be one themselves. Hey Brew City Fire-dude, What say?


    And yet both bush and obama still paid/pay a political price for immigration. You can't satisfy a cultural beast. Xenophobia correlates with economic concerns, not actual policy effects. Bad economy, kick out the brown people, that's it in a nutshell

    As for muslims, what's the point of all this anti muslim nonsense you see every day on conservative sites if the point isn't inspiring hatred and distrust of them? It's just information? FOH

    And the main reason you guys can't dodge the race card... you let people you identify with culturally get away with way more. Bush can give billions to wall street, double the national debt, have the worst attack in american history happen, bumble 2 wars and not a peep. I can't say you care about the issues if all i see is supreme ignorance about the issues emanating from you all.


    Joyce ?


    At the office... will respond when I have time to scold the baby!

    BTW... I really dislike Hispanics... my son-in-law (who is one of two great sons-in-law) is Hispanic.

    derek... don't wet yourself!


    Derek, really? I see, the race card starts to fail so you have to pull out the "it's Bush's fault" card. Good grief. Do some research & get some real arguments. The issue is not with race, it is with the BEHAVIOR of certain groups of people.

    Immigration - come to this country ILLEGALLY (note the distinction here, Derek, it is a vital detail. I am not talking about LEGAL immigrants.)and darn right I'm mad because those who do so have no right to what this country has to offer its citizens. When they take it (i.e. our health care via local emergency rooms) without contributing (not paying taxes, often not having the money to pay the bills)who pays for that? Honest, tax-paying citizens. What reason is the for us to not be angry about this and want it changed?

    When the foundation of a religion is one of considering everyone who believes anything different as "infidels" who must be destroyed, darn right I have an issue with that. Why? Because in this country I have the freedom and right to believe whatever I want and my religion does not tolerate/encourage anyone to kill on behalf of Christ. Was that in our history? Yes, but it is not now. Was it wrong? Yes, but nowhere does the Bible say to kill for Christ it was human sin that caused the behavior. Study Islam & it is very clear. Do a little reading, then tell me how "peaceful" this belief system is. Perhaps not every Muslim buys into that piece of it, but it is a strong foundation in their mosques. And we're not supposed to have a problem with that??? Dude, stop smoking the weed!


    PC. We have been here before with derek and others, and speaking for myself , I have had enough. You can speak logic till your blue in the face, or to suit derek , brown in the face, and his ilk will never get it. I will do my bit at the poles. For derek to throw Bush out there and ignoring the crap Obama is doing say's it all. God help us!


    Can't you all just here Desi Arnaz saying:
    oh gnat you got some splaing to do!


    BTW Frank, I love your beret! LOL!


    derek... until and unless more blacks see America for what it truly is today: a wonderful country where if the bho administration would simply get out of the way; anyone with an idea, a dream, and a willingness to work can succeed.

    The talking points are stale derek.

    Let's have a real discussion, the dreams that Dr Martin Luther King spoke of... not false promises of so-called "hope and change"

    It is time to look beyond the color of one's skin... if not we will be in this battle throughout eternity. Time to end groupthink and celebrate individuality and independence.

    Or are you afraid to embrace people that do not have "brown skin"?

    Brew City Firefighter

    Derek can kiss my "brown" Mexican butt. I actually work in an area with the highest percentage of hispanics and there are way to many "illegals" to count, so it is a problem here even in little ol Wisconsin. Also, in Los Angeles right now the LAPD are in trouble for shooting and killing a illegal from Central America because witnesses claim that they didn't tell him in spanish to drop a knife after they drew down on him. I beleive a .40 cal Glock speaks in many tongues.

    Brew City Firefighter


    Nice sombrero. I feel like Derek now cause I just posted twice in a row


    LOL BCF!

    Now you just need to get your Race Card and your Bash Bush Card and you're set!


    I'm just so glad someone explained what this crazy summer was all about ... man, if I only had put it together earlier that unemployment rise was due to the panic of diversity of melatonin in the House, Senate and Govenor's seats. Wow, I spent way too much time over thinking that one ... COLOR, imagine just COLOR!

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