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    September 29, 2010


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    Chris will be slinking away soon and go back to trolling in the dark of night.
    Than after a few months he will come back, post a few incoherent comments, get the beat down and run again.
    Some times predictability can be so entertaining.


    James, I guess I should be happy than you are still allowing me to post here, since you feel the need so often to prevent that from happening.

    Yes, James, who can know it.. since you don't know it either, I would say calling Obama a fraudulent Christian is as irresponsible as assuming that his heart is in the wrong place regarding faith, no? Both are assumptions and highly subjective at that, so why try to call me out for doing the same thing you are doing? Doesn't that make you a.... *cough* hypocrite? Remove the splinter from thine own eye, James.

    I happen to think Richard Nixon was the worst president ever, and since he was impeached I guess my opinion is slightly more valid than yours, so are you going to insist that your opinion is correct??

    I'm not assuming anything except you wouldn't dare call McCain a fraudulent Christian because he's a Republican. Dispute me if you want, that's fine, but I just have a hard time believing it, that's all.

    Yes I did call Cookers a dumbass because he seems to think he can contradict himself in his own paragraph and I'm supposed to take it as truth. The truth is you ARE accusing Obama of playing Christian for his political benefit, this is not a "discussion" this is a trial, and Obama lost without having has the chance to defend his own faith.

    I am so serious and if you have a problem with me "Telling it like it is" you can just ban me, like you usually do.

    James T.

    OK Chris... You're banned. (Gosh... I hope it works this time!)


    James T, did Chris really call me that? I nodded off about halfway through that dreadful stream of semi-consciousness that I missed that.

    Chris, you have every right to think and believe what you want.

    You are completely wrong, but the Constitution grants you the freedom to be as wrong as you want to be.

    Way to go exercising that freedeom with gusto. Here, Here!!


    PS to Chris - do you know what the word contradiction means? If not, go back and read your own posts. That should help.


    yeah I suppose I am just plain wrong that you guys implying Obama is faking his Christianity is a bunch of half-hearted slanderous nonsense... completely off base on that one..

    I know one thing I'm right about, this place is as Christlike as any other religious/political institution... which is to say its not, but hey I guess that's just my opinion.


    Hey chris, the commie dog has been spinning the dial since 2007 on what his Religion and beliefs are.

    He is a commie chameleon and professes his faith on which way the wind is blowing at that moment.

    Get back to me when his ass-ness gets the balls to spin the dial, land on his Faith and stick to it.
    Maybe than we can debate what he believes in.

    Right now all he believes in is the commie media who continues to accommodate his absurdities and lies.

    @Cookers and James T.
    isn't it fun having chris back. It is just like taking candy from a baby.

    I want to believe in god, but she keeps letting me down.

    Ahhh James, if that's you in the pic, you lost me at hello. You have on three rings!!!! :)

    James T.

    Chris is back? Damnation!!!! This banning thing is for the birds!

    James T.

    She god,
    I use to have more rings! I lost three on my left hand when I got married!


    James, I promise I will only post when you and your entourage have taken it too far. Toodles.

    James T.

    Promises, promises...

    Ladies and Gentlemen... Chris has left the National Conversation... Not to be heard again until we (not the Chocolate Jesus) go to far... again.

    See ya Chris! God speed (that's the KJV), continue to keep your powder wet and that Bible closed.

    @Maddypie I've got a cavity!


    Toodles? He must be off to the pansy parade.


    The stuff I miss when I'm off to profess my faith... and tend to my Mom!

    Buh-bye chris.


    @James, Dr. Maddypie says that cavity should be gone in no time.

    Listen, can you hear it?
    Sweet silence, no whining.

    I think the baby has crawled back into his crib.


    It's all good, Joyce, Frank, Maddypie and everyone else. Just because Chris was arguing in semi coherant threads doesn't mean we should get worked up about it. the lot of us could compose a post that details behaviour and positions taken by President Obama that are on the surface anti-christian or at least not inkeeping with the traditions of our faith, but that isn't going to convince Chris. Take his insistence to argue in a cyclical illogical fashion to mean he would rather have fun playing games with us than engage in meaningful conversation where maybe all of us could learn something.


    Maybe one day we will grow up as a nation and not care about our leaders' religious beliefs or lack thereof. And James, let's not make this a left/right issue because as an atheistic/union member/socialist I have seen alot of selfishness and greed from so called good Christian conservatives. Leave the man's beliefs alone, he chooses to be a Christian so be it.

    James T.

    You call that grown up PilotX? I call that naive. You can make it left/right/up/down/in or out.


    The Pres. doesn't get a free pass from me just because you can't handle the fact that he attempted to use his "faith" to fool those of us who are "clinging to our guns and Bibles."

    Try harder Pilot.


    James has a point PilotX, if the President didn't attempt to use faith and faith communities to advance his positions, then what you ask would be logical. I for one still give him the benefit of the doubt more often than not, but to debate his faith of lack thereof is a good choice for public debate given his own actions and policies.

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