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    September 29, 2010


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    Brian Weinkauf

    James, I am a Lutheran, Bible believing pastor. Thank you for posting this response to Obama's words. I am often sickened by how the name Christian is equated with simple morality. Being a Christian means repenting of your sins and trust in Christ as your Savior. It is not a choice, but the gift of God, Eph. 2:8-9. We need to not let ourselves be bamboozled by people using the name Christ to whitewash their own beliefs.


    My belief of what it is to be Christian is defined by the point in one's life that the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ is accepted by confessing to God (the creator bho finds difficult to acknowledge) that (s)he is a sinner in need of a Savior and that (s)he accepts the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for all of the sins committed.

    Obama said that he came to his Christian faith, basically saying he is a good person who wants to takes care of his brothers and sisters.

    Having been a Christian for more than 55 years, I can honestly say that I’ve never, ever met another Christian who said, 'Before I got saved I was a good-hearted person, and became Christian to make the world a better place.'

    In a nutshell, and as the church lady would exclaim: "how connnveeeenient!

    OR in obamanese: Poll numbers down, dems unenthusiastic... Give a Sermon about The One!

    Welcome Brian!


    Excellent comments Brian.

    The commie dog hussein's only "religion" is Golf!

    And he is mightily pissed that he hasn't been able to play in weeks. The apathy of his dwindling base of voters is taking precedent.

    He is slowly losing his mind. One minute he has to yell and shake that crooked finger and tell people to buck up and get energized. The next minute he is talking like a brother on the street corner using Beyonce as a means to pump the crowd up.

    He professes a Christian belief all the while spewing vile lies about FOX Cable News.

    Oh how "Christian" of you commie pinko.
    Christian and hussein should NEVER be in the same sentence.


    I am glad I was not the only Christian put off by his hollow-ringing deperate declaration of "faith". It is a sad state of affairs that anyone thinks Christ is a tool to be used for political gain.


    I can't say whether or not President Obama is sincere in trying to follow Jesus or not. I know I rarely do a very good job following him.

    But I believe his point is correct that following Jesus is a choice, not something you are born with. He was not born a Christian or a Muslim, but a baby--same as you and me.

    Maddypie, why shouldn't Christian and Hussein be used in the same sentence? Having an Arabic name doesn't make someone non-Christian.

    James T.

    I think Maddy is referring to Hussein the man, not the name.


    Negroe, you are ridiculous.

    Negroe, can you demonstrate that Jesus ever existed? HELL NO!!

    A historical belief in Jesus can be demonstrated.

    The actual existence of Jesus cannot be demonstrated.

    POTUS Obama is just as free as you are to be the type of Christian he wants to be.

    And like you, POTUS Obama is free to choose his reason for becoming a Christian.

    Since when Negroe, have you been in charge of what being a Christian is and is not?


    James T, excellent observations - very well written.

    NSangoma, wow, where to start with you. Actaully, the existence of Jesus is very well documented in both Jewish and Roman documents. Sorry, you lost on that one.

    If BHO is as free as he wants to be and to be the type of Christian he wants to be, then I want to be a Muslim today, just because. Does that make me a Muslim? Jesus said in John that you will know we are his disciples by our love for each other. I'm not feeling BHO's love, quite frankly.

    The whole of Christianity recognizes what a Christian is and is not. James is simply applying the standard that has been around for, oh, about 2000 years.

    Now go away or do better.


    "Pro life" Abortion rhetoric is so annoying. Because really that's all it is, rhetoric. As much as you want it to be a litmus test for christian morality, it's really just another example of the shortcuts we take in life to be pretend to be morally superior.

    None of you are out there adopting unwanted kids, none of you are canceling your health insurance plans when you know damn well a good portion of that money funds abortions. That would require actually doing something in the world, it would require doing more than articulating a position. But bitching about laws and rules... like a bunch of pharisees... now that comes easy.

    If a christian can't be pro-choice then a christian can't be pro first amendment, can't be pro no fault divorce, can't pro a lot of freedoms that we allow. I don't stand to answer for the choices another person makes. That's what it means to live in a free country. Now we can have a conversation about the sacrifices to freedom we'll make to have a decent society, but stop trying to make some man made secular government the arbiter of christian morality.


    The only thing "so annoying" are your comments...

    " Now we can have a conversation about the sacrifices to freedom we'll make to have a decent society..."

    You go ahead and sacrifice... I've been giving the past 45 years under democrat rule in Milwaukee.

    Lo and behold... the dems rule managed to get Milwaukee the rank of 4th poorest city in America. Can't blame that on Republicans!


    @NSangoma, LOL!
    What a fraud you are!!

    "Negroe, you are ridiculous."

    Oh how cutting edge you are. Wow you just come out of no where with hate and anger spewing at James T.
    Um yeah you troll we know who you really are. And you are a joke no matter what made up name you comment under.

    And the most hilarious thing about your comments is that they can't get under James skin.

    Wow just shocking! You tried to say the "N" word.

    Is Attacking James all you have?
    Yeah I thought so.

    Hey thanks for the early morning laughs!


    Actaully, the existence of Jesus is very well documented in both Jewish and Roman documents. Sorry, you lost on that one.

    Only an ignorant addz would make such a statement.

    Name those documents!!


    LOL get the hell over yourself.

    Man this site is a magnetic for neglected trolls who are starving for attention.

    You want some attention? Go ask mommy to change your pampers first. Than come back and try and converse like an adult.

    James T.

    "Only an ignorant addz would make such a statement. Name those documents!!"

    Flavius Josephus (c. 37–c. 100), a Jew and Roman citizen who worked under the patronage of the Flavians, wrote the Antiquities of the Jews in 93 AD. In these works, Jesus is mentioned twice...

    @NSangoma (my niggra),
    You must work really hard to be this uninformed. That doesn't make you ignorant, just stupid.

    Carry on.


    derek, you dare to blame promiscuous behavior on others, and to blame how YOUR President spends other peoples money on abortions when they need to have health coverage? You truly are the poster boy for stupid liberal, blame everyone else, morons. You truly are pathetic and seeing how this is the only social interaction you have in your life, I would suggest to you to rethink your dumb ass comments before you are ejected from this blog for being such a "F'n" lib-bug. No one here agrees with you, except one or two cowards that cut and run on occasion, so pull your head out of your, or your " friends" ass, and clear your head and see the real world around you.


    LOL Frank!


    ok Nicolai is here to clear the air and bring the knowledge of the LeGioN to the masses, now NSangoma, there is documented mentions of Jesus from the Jewish Roman historian of the time Josephus, google him, he is widely acknowledged and the first non Christian to write about the man Jeshua bin Yoseph who we call Jesus Christ the son of God and our personal saviour. Josephus was critical of Christ giving his accounts of Christ more historic backing as he clearly was no fan of our Lord. We believe we don't need proof, but if you want it, go do your own homework.

    Now after that little schooling of the ignorant, on to the issue at hand. My brother is more knowledgeable about these topics, so I will borrow from him very liberally in the theological issue at hand. Anyone can call themself a Christian, but in theological philosophical circles as well as many churches, to be a believer who is saved one must be convicted by the Holy Spirit. When your heart is convicted, you do not continue in every aspect of your life as you once did, because you are walking in Christ through the Holy Spirit. Obama may be convicted, and he may truly wish to serve and honour the LordGod through His Son, but his choice of words do not denote such a strength of conviction. Do I say Obama is anything other than he says he is, no. But if I were a betting man, I would bet that he is not of that vein of thinking, thus not convicted in his heart. So in short he calls himself that, and that is good enough for me, but any Christian should be known by their actions, and his are no more Christian than Christopher Hitchens.


    Legion, You have the patients of a Saint and the knowledge of a true Christian.
    Thank you for your comments.


    Thanks Maddypie, I wanted to go deeper than that but admitedly Marcus my brother is far more knowledgeable than I am. I wanted to go into the unforgiveable sin, as it logically flowed from my point about being convicted by the Holy Spirit, but I didn't want to get in over my head as I am not my brother.


    Flavius Josephus, does not provide a first hand account of the existence of Jesus.
    Flavius Josephus, based upon the descriptions handed down to himself, describes Jesus as a very unattractive Pymoid; Black, a Negroe but very unattractive.

    Flavius Josephus, does not claim the divinity of Jesus.
    Flavius Josephus, does not claim that Jesus died and was resurrected.

    Anal Orifice!!


    @NSangoma, how sweet of you to share your own name.
    " Anal Orifice!!"
    Your idea of "conversation" pretty much reveals what an ass you are.

    You are not here to debate you are here to attack. Whats the matter troll? Did you get kicked off the last site you were on?

    You are boring but I will keep slamming your ass until you DO BETTER or slink off to another site.


    Good one, Maddypie.

    James T.

    Anal Orifice,

    So not only do you want proof of the existence of Jesus, you also want proof of his deity?

    Can't help you there.

    You sound like the type of evil Paul talks about in the first chapter of Romans.

    Patients Anal Orifice... One day soon your knee shall bow.


    NSangoma you sumthin else for ture, first you ask for proof he existed, and now you want proof of his Divinity, did it hurt you that bad to loose the argument ? seriously, talk about a sore loser, you stated

    "Negroe, can you demonstrate that Jesus ever existed? HELL NO!!

    A historical belief in Jesus can be demonstrated.

    The actual existence of Jesus cannot be demonstrated"

    I just demonstrated via a historian of the time that people knew of him, and that he existed, the greatest proof is not of his believers but of those who disagreed and maligned the man mentioning his very existence. We can debate his divinity but that is a matter of faith, I can't prove his divinity anymore than you can disprove it. Now you lost the only part of the debate you created, and now you want to shift it into an area that no one can prove.

    I will pray for you NSangoma, because God doesn't love some of us, he loves all of us, and all you have to do, is to have faith and obey his commands to sit at his proverbial table after this life is over. His Presence is what makes this life worth living and worth living well. God will reward his faithful when judgement comes, after Israel is beset upon by its neighbours and Christ comes again this time as a lion, no longer the lamb. I may not like your politics, or your superfluous arguments, but your soul is eternal. It doesn't deserve an eternity away from the glory of God the father - creator of Heaven and Earth, the Great I am that I am, simply because your young mind is unwilling to accept the dictates of your Father. I will pray for your soul because that is what HE commands me to do.


    Legion we are the perfect balance.

    You turn the other check and try and lift up the other person.

    I pick up the paddle and smack it down on him.

    Jesus smiles at you and says "my wisdom and teachings have not been wasted on that one."

    Jesus looks down on me trying to hold back a smile and says " oh that Maddypie, we still have so much work to do!" LOL!

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