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    September 09, 2010


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    Yep, heard about this yesterday.

    Oh but do not judge!
    Come on its A-OK to burn Christian Bibles. No big deal.
    Hell burn the American flag and spit and stomp on it while chanting "death to Americans."
    You see that is a terrorists right.
    Um no, the problem comes in when 50 church people in Florida want to burn the quran. Yeah that's going to make the terrorists hate us even more and wage destruction on us.
    I thought that was already going on.


    I find the people that hype up these things to tut tut them almost as bad as the people doing it. It's 50 douchebags in florida, that's it.

    But the point is still relatively simple, even for you maddypie. problem isn't the terrorists, the problem is how you represent america to the muslims that aren't terrorists. Not everyone in afghanistan supports the taliban, not everyone in iraq is in al qaida, but if they all think americans are muslim hating people there to kill them all and simply replace saddam/the taliban... america isn't exactly placed in a nice position out there.

    You have to grow the hell up someday.


    "the problem is how you represent america to the muslims that aren't terrorists."

    Really derek?

    You mean the good muslims that danced in the streets on 9/11/01... chanting "death to all Americans".

    The ones that demonstrate intolerance toward all other cultures and religions?

    The ones representing their worst behavior to show their hate for America? Regardless if they know anything about America or know any Americans.

    Those non-terrorists?

    Maddie - Saukville

    Also from CNN last night, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf (the Ground Zero imam) says that if they cannot build where they want, America should "expect explosions of anger" both from abroad and from Muslim Americans.

    Wow, do or don't do, think, say or depict everything and anything Islam says and what is the response, violence. I don't think explosions was a mere turn of phrase by the Imam either.

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