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    August 02, 2010


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    Mr. Stark didn't even try to dance around the issue. The arrogance of people that are like minded and in government that support Mr. Stark, don't care how people, like the woman asking the questions, are affected by The Health Care Bill. The video is a great piece to show, but I'm afraid people that would benefit from OTHER peoples money to pay for their health care could care less.


    Pete Stark is not the only one who needs to be replaced.


    I agree with you Chris. Start at the very top of government, and work your way down.


    Some people REALLY should not speak before thinking. Of course with Pete Stark He would never be able to speak because he's not capable of thinking!! I used to think that you should take a government class before being allowed to vote, now I'm thinking we need for our legislators to take an exam before running for office. (So many would fail.....)

    Maddie - Saukville

    Time for term limits and she should get the 37th District's seat first.

    Chris, Frank, Dawn, I agree. Congress was never meant to be a career. The Fathers wrote the Second Amendment to ensure that no man would make himself king but it was originally tradition that limited the potential service length of the President. This was subsequently made Constitutional law and I think we need to broaden the 22nd Amendment to include both houses of Congress. I say that with a Representative who has served many years and earned that privelege but this is only one vote out of 435 in the House. I had analized the current members of Congress a few months ago (I can't recall the thread it is on) and I think there was something like a third of the members that had been in office for twenty or more years. That's stagnation, from Bush to Clinton to W., and I think it reflects on what I perceive to be an idea many of us seem to have that things have not really gotten any better in the past twenty years.

    We need to make term limits for Congress and if we are going to try to adjust the Constitution again to get back to goverment OF, FOR and BY the people, I think we can also take money out of Congress and it is considerably more concise than the McCain-Feingold bill and Dawn touched on how I'd do it.

    Any legal citizen not convicted of a crime beyond speeding may apply. The state or district would administer high-school equivalency tests in English, math, science and social studies. A grade is determined that is sufficient for public service and the applicants possessing that grade or higher is put into a simple lottery. Two names are drawn to go on the ballot. The state or district holds a specified number of debates which are broadcasted. The winner of the popular vote becomes the next Representative or Senator.

    That's the real basic version I've had kicking around in my head. At least in theory, this takes money out of Congress. This could possibly even mean we're no longer Democrats or Republicans. Then, the parties no longer have the same influence on the members, if the parties survive at all which can be a good thing as party influence doesn't necessarily represent the people's interests but the party's. Whether we'd need to look at changing other rules pertaining to the passage of bills, I don't know. I think it could be argued that this system would yet have problems with gridlock but I also think that without the current influences beyond what is the best way that our government can provide the services the people need and staying out of their lives otherwise most Americans of good conscience can agree on what government should or shouldn't do/be able to do.

    Incidentally, tests have been given to other public service applicants (USPS, PD, FD, etc.) for years. If we expect letter carriers to know certain things, why not hold our representatives to at minimum the same expectations?

    You probably need to visit the little boys' or girls' rooms by now so there it is for what it's worth.


    Maddie you touched on something that I think is fundamental for the future success of this country's political system and that is the end of Red vs. Blue. There is a whole lot of purple out there, that is not being represented by either "stagnant" cesspool, to borrow your word.

    The other thing term limits impose is a better check for lobbyists and maybe a foothold in ending their reign of control.

    The problem is these ideas are not new, and they have been around for some time, yet they just aren't catching on in Washington... wonder why.

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