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August 17, 2010


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Great find.


Oh no, scary brown people!


derek=race card #9,999,999

BTW... good info James T. Thanks for posting.


Is nothing about this even a little concerning Mr. Race Card Derek?

I suppose not if you're OK with public stoning of people for illicit relationships, or amputations for minor theft, or honor killing your own children to escape the scorn of your lovely neighbors.

Karl Hungus

Cubs win!


"Is nothing about this even a little concerning Mr. Race Card Derek? "

Don't want the race card played... then stop sterotyping entire groups of people as violent killers. It's no different from when western civilization used to make up reasons for why they treated jews the way they did. Bigots always come up with reasons for why they must act the way they do. Whether it's why blacks can't be free, why catholics can't have political power, why we need to exterminate the jewish race etc. etc.
If you can't treat people as people, and you have to keep coming up with reasons for why X group of people need to be dealt with differently, you're a damn racist. Period. And there's nothing good that can come of your flawed understanding of people.

If you asses were in charge, we'd be two steps away from accusing a muslim of burning down the Reichstag.


derek, your not paying attention. Turn your filter off andwatch the clip again.


Karl Hungus, you offer nothing, your comments are stupid, and smarmy. Go back to whatever you were doing before you showed up here, and the key words are "go back".


derek. "stop sterotyping entire groups of people..."

You mean you will stop stereotyping Conservatives? Older adults? White folks? Gee how very tolerant you've become.

This is not about race... it is about different ideologies.


who wants to bet that derek did not even watch the clip? His ignorance is showing all over the place.

James T.

"Scary brown people"? You mean like me?


I am fully aware of everything stated in this video. It doesn't change the way I feel about any muslims I know, but it is why I trust foreign born muslims less than ones that have lived most if not all of their lives here. I didn't really find the video shocking in any way


Derek, try to be rational here, the most outrageous comments on this video so far are yours. the info in this clip about the Qu'ran is the same as I have been told by muslim friends of my own when I was trying to establish my own religious identity in my teens. This video although somewhat alarmist isn't false in its references, its simply information, how you use that info is completely up to you.


I am being rational. The grave sin of any sort of cultural analysis is starting with the idea that people are different. Does the Koran have magical powers that enslave human minds that I'm not aware of? It's as stupid as saying all Catholics must owe allegiance to the pope first and foremost which is why they can't be true americans. All the evidence and reality of how actual catholics live in america aside... we have to ignore our lying eyes and trust a broad ass stereotype. How is this remotely different?

Where's the rationality?

And the most hilarious part is that the video craps on Christianity and Judaism just to get to its point on Islam. Do any of the alleged christians in here agree that the bible is contradictory and like a buffet of beliefs? So quick to sell yourselves out just to engage in the intellectual backflips required to justify your ignorance and bigotry.


Wow derek you watched the video! Congratulations.

You are right the video stating that Christianity and Judaism contradicts it self was a false claim that I did not agree with.

How ever what they said about what Muslims believe is accurate and right out of the koran. Of all the Muslims I know none have ever denied what the video said.

"Oh no, scary brown people!" You do know that Muslim come in more colors that brown? You prejudiced is showing through.


Here's the rational, derek. Catholics, for example, as one of many religions, aren't telling people of their faith or any other faiths, to go out and kill people for not following the Bible. Is your skull 12 inches thick? Does anything get through?


Good response Frank.

To add to your comments... the Bible/ Christianity teaches God is love.

Islam is based on the teachings of Mohammed who elevates himself over Allah:

We are not against Muslims. We are against the teachings of a killer.


You have to understand that gant is a very lonely commie. None of his other comrades at air-o-plane school like him or hang out with him.
This is his only form of entertainment and good or bad he loves the attention we give him.
If gnat were a decent America loving human being it would be sad.
But he is a commie pinko muslim hussein lover and defender. So it isn't sad it is hilairious.
gnat is our entertainment because every thing he says is laughable!


Derek not everyone is the same. We all share certain similarities, but people are certainly not all the same. This isn't about an indictment of a people though its about a religion where one can justify some things western society deems unacceptable. The truth is, as I see it at least, people who live the majority of their lives in North America, are socialized in our lovably ass backwards fashion with all of our strengths and weaknesses, and that included muslims. But many who live most of their lives abroad do not get that similar socializing we all get with each other. If someone is brought up with the idea that truth only matters to those who share your religion, that is not a good thing for society, it breeds distrust. This is not to say muslims from abroad shouldn't be able to move here, just that they need to know what we as a society deem as acceptable or unacceptable has to be primary if they want to have happy successful lives here. That is just as it is if any of us were to move abroad and live in a land that some of these immigrants come from.

The bible does have contradictions in it Derek, and it is not written in the same fashion as the Qu'ran, so yes many people do interpret the bible as the video suggests. I do not support "interpreting" the bible but I would be a fool not to acknowledge many do, especially those without faith. Will some people use this video to fuel their bigotry, probably, but the information contained is not factually inaccurate so let them. Bigots are easiest to spot when they are empowered to be open, and we have the benefit of knowing them and avoiding them.


But how truly useful is the information in this video though? Religion is one aspect of culture. Reading the Koran and the history of Mohammed doesn't tell me why women wear Burqas in Pakistan and why they're banned in Syria.

There's much more to people than their religious text. There's much more to the way a people behave than religion. Most muslim people live in Indonesia, but is Indonesian culture the first place you think of when you think "Islam"? I mean, you manage to differentiate Western Muslims from foreign ones, but why stop there?

We have this amazing ability to compartmentalize Christianity. The KKK wasn't exactly burning Stars of David. Jamaican christians seem to have this habit of lynching gay people. Some african christians go on actual witch hunts. But we manage to separate the religion from its practitioners. Because there's much more to the way people are, to their culture, than religion.

But hearing some 3 minute clip of a European guy explaining how he interprets the Koran is supposed to provide some sort of insight?


Useful ? to me Derek it wasn't becasue it was nothing new, but learning more about anything is never a truly bad thing. I agree there is more to the muslim population than their holy book thus my notion that local born and-or raised muslims share much if not most of the same ideals as us generally. If I knew more about the varied foreign muslim lands I would comment on it, but I am relegated to commenting on the things I know about through first and second hand knowledge. Its easy to compartmentalize christians but most of us are of have been in some point in time in our lives. it is the lense through which many os uf here have been directly socilized. We know the difference between what we adhere to and many other nations. We can call folks out for doing things in the name of our religions because it is ours. My brother is a former student of theology and between what I already knew and what he has shared with me I am confidant I can tell when a person's actions have contravened the Word in the bible. We wouldn't be having this discussion if the participants in 9/11 had been secular arabs. But it wasn't secular arabs it was religious minded arabs of the muslim faith. It doesn't damn the whole religion but it should make you want to be aware of what these cats thought they were adhering to when they did what they did. the only insight in the video would come to those who didn't know these facts in the first place. Maybe someone here learned something. More importantly it may inspire people to look into it further and to find out on their own. Thats the national conversation baby and as our loving host so often asserts it is the spice of life.

I have no fear, distrust or distatse for muslims in general, as I stated I am somewhat weary of foreign raised adherants but only to a logical and rational point. Insight is gained from a lot more than a short video clip, but if this starts the ball rolling for people to find out more, is it really that bad ?


I'll take that as a no then Derek



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