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    August 06, 2010


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    omfg. Seriously can't believe people listen to that asshole talk and think he is not full of absolute shit. The double-talk that these career politicians engage in is astounding, if not completely terrifying.

    Yeah Newt, its always taxes that kill small business, right? Well maybe if you would apply the laws to JUST big business and give the small ones a break they might have half a fucking chance. Or maybe if you would enforce some monopoly laws, we might have some local retail and manufacturing companies returning. Or maybe if you would not allow multi-national conglomerates to dictate what your policies are, "small business" might have a chance. I use small business in quotes because I think its an inefficient way to describe the companies we are specifically talking about here which are locally-owned, locally-returned LLC's and Co.'s.

    Furthermore, what the eff does this have to do with Socialism? This idea of citing "redistributed wealth" as a "job killing" mechanism is complete bollocks, its not up to the people in the unemployment line to create their own jobs (sometimes they do, hooray), and do you really think the majority of those people would not take a real job with a real paycheck over UC? If the jobs were there, wouldn't they be getting taken no matter what?

    The fact is, Newt, the jobs are not here. They are in Malaysia, and China, and South America. They are there because you and every other over-term-limit douchebag in Washington enabled them to create a parasitic corporate/political environment where the highest bidder is the one who gets to make the laws.

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