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    August 05, 2010


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    I'm pretty sure i remember Obama opposing prop 8. But either way that's besides the point because it's obvious that Obama's position is clear as mud. He want to repeal DADT but as commander in chief he still enforces DADT rather then placing a moratorium on it. He wants to repeal the defense of marriage act, but he articulates a position that essentially gives the defense of marriage act reason for being.

    Obama lucks out though because he gets to hem and haw and stay out of the spotlight on the issue, while his base still gets what it wants from the courts.


    derek... nice analysis.

    Axelrod: uh, uh, uh, uh. How many uhs does it take to clarify bho's stance?


    gnat lives in the world of delusion.
    The commie pinko hussein is not out of the spotlight on this issue.

    I sincerely hope you do not guide the airplanes the same way you process a thought, in circles!

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