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August 09, 2010


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no you didn't have to drop it, you could have invaded and spent another 5 years fighting the Japanese in their homes in an entrenched war worse than Iraq or Afghanistan. the bombs forced Japan's surrender at a time when it was thought impossible for them to do such a thing. In modern terms it would be like Islamic extremists abondoning their jihad and converting to whatever other religion would give them peace. Inconceivable for folks aware of the customs and society of the Japanese.


The firebombing is the thing that could probably have been avoided. The a-bomb saved alot of Japanese lives.


LegioNofZioN, I am clicking on my "like" button!


An apology suggest wrongdoing so i understand the resistance to apologizing for the atomic bombings. Especially in official capacity as a nation.

At the same time though there is absolutely no reason to pretend that simply because a war is justified any thing that comes about from it is necessary and moral.

Good intentions don't make for good acts and ends never justify means. That's the nature of right and wrong.

Maddie - Saukville

The bomb had to be used.

It was the least worst of the choices available to us at the time for starters.

Leqion is absolutely correct in terms of how the war would have progressed and we only have to look at Guadal Canal, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, etc., etc., horrific as those battles were, to know that those were only previews to what main Japanese island battles could be like and the analogy to radical Islam today. Japan believed that they were the supreme Asian race and they reached as far as India to the west and Midway to the east. They had systematic plans for the subjugation and, or extermination of the people within their grasp and they were actually in collusion with the Nazis in developing chemical and biological weapons. Nazi Germany was stopped before they could develop the bomb and I think there is little doubt that Hitler would have used atomic/nuclear weapons were they available to him. It isn't a stretch, particularly with the scorched earth policy in the downfall of the Nazi empire that they could/would have shared atomic information and technology with Imperial Japan and I don't doubt that that empire would have used them either.

Neither Imperial Japan nor Nazi Germany feared like retribution as say us and the USSR did during the Cold War. There was an all-out race to develop the atomic and nuclear weapons and the only logical conclusion to any nation winning the race was for that nation if they were the Allies to use it against the Axis and vice versa. I do not agree with people who say that the bomb would not have been dropped in Europe but as a matter of timing the Nazi empire was defeated while Imperial Japan still believed that they could not be stopped or would continue their own method of mutually assured destruction.

Aside from the Axis and Allies, would the world have really believed a weapon of such devastation was possible without the example of a populace being vaporized by it? I don't think so. People tend to only believe what they can see and I believe the utter destruction of a populated city was completely necessary and inevitable.

So under the circumstances, we did it for all of the right reasons and we did it when we were the only ones who could, the only nation to have gotten to the atomic race's finish line.

I can imagine few less disasterous scenarios for the world's introduction to the atomic age. I don't like that innocent people died horribly because of it and in an ideal world it wouldn't have happened but it clearly wasn't an ideal world and this is trite but we didn't start the conflict.

Were I to have been an advisor to Truman and somehow knew what the next fifty years or so would be, I wouldn't have had a moment's hesitation in urging him to make the same decision.

Did we really need to drop the bomb? Unequivocally, yes and the world today should be relieved that it was we who did it.

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