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August 21, 2010


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Can you say REDBULL!


Guess bho has a different definition of CHANGE!


It's ridiculously funny to hear dude talk about black people and martha's vineyard. I don't mean to read too much into the comment, but it speaks to the view that many americans have on black america. The idea of a black elite is illusive to them, and even when faced with the exact type of black people that have been vacationing in Martha's Vineyard forever... the instinct is to discount the image as not being black. Because black people are supposed to be poor and on welfare.

(for those not in the know, martha's vineyard has been a huge vacation spot for affluent blacks on the east coast for decades)


Here is a great article on the history of Black families visiting Martha's Vineyard.
Of course gnat I don't expect you to read it because you are "in the know." LOL


And of course gnat would intentionally miss the point by trying to make it seem like Bob is saying NO Black people vacation at Martha's Vineyard.
He would have said the same thing to White people if that was his point.
But it wasn't gnat. His point was that 95 percent of Black voters voted for the commie pinko muslim hussein, but the commie could care less about them. He is making sure that they see that he is far far above them. He is a commie moron and he is losing Black support as I type this.
Go ahead and try to make yourself "feel" better by avoiding the point of Bob's rant and just do what you always do.
Post some useless comment that doesn't address the issue.
As always you are a knucklehead!


Really derek... I disagree.
"Because black people are supposed to be poor and on welfare."

I'm not sure I know very many Americans of African descent that are poor or on welfare. Many I know, and have known have well-paying jobs; are educated, but not elitist. I do know some who are fairly poor and work and would feel ashamed to take a handout; though most I know are older adults and from a different era.

Most lived through the depression and know the reality of living poor.

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