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    August 16, 2010


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    Christians know that the building isn't important. God hears His people no matter where they are (like in their "prayer closet").

    Rachel Ann

    I'd just like the right, as a Jew, to pray at my holiest site, Har Habayit (Temple Mount). And yes, we as Jews CAN pray there, if the right procedures are observed first.


    James, they forced us out of Gaza when we gave it back for the peace they promised us. How's that for tolerance? NO MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO! NO MORE MOSQUES ANYWHERE IN THE US. GO BACK TO SAUDI and the other scum holes and cover your women there, not here!


    LaurAyn, I don't know how you are dealing with this living right there.
    I have friends across the Country whose heads are exploding over this.

    This mosque will never see their grand opening with the commie muslim hussein cutting the ribbon.

    Buying Banks
    Buying Car Companies
    Sham Care
    Taxes in 2011 that will put us all in the poor house.
    Afghanistan is out of control and filled with corruption.
    Our economy WILL double dip.
    More Bail outs on foreclosure for people who will NEVER be able to make a payment.
    And of course the illegales.

    The tipping point is upon us.
    I saw the commie pinko today from less than 20 feet away and as he waved from the window of his car I gave him a "thumbs down" and held up my sign that said: America is Evicting the commie in the White House.
    Impeachment starts November 3RD 2010.

    I just want you to know we are outraged by what they are trying to do at Ground Zero. And one way or another it ain't gonna happen!


    how about a synagouge in vatican city?

    but either way, this isn't saudi arabia or the vatican. this is america, no matter how much you fascists want to turn it into some third world theocracy


    derek. Waaaa. Your defensive side is showing AGAIN.

    With all the available property in NYC...

    Gotta ask: Why the need to put the mosque 2 blocks from Ground Zero?

    Is there an underlying reason for opening the mosque at that specific location?

    And why did bho need to come out in support, then backtrack the original state? Why is he even taking a stance... is he in on the decision-making process? Does he have jurisdiction to speak out in support of building any religious structure in this country?


    Ironic how the tolerant coexist bunch has no problem letting the most intolerant group in the world today walk all over them, and the rest of America.

    Nobody on the right is saying they Mosque can't be built. They only ask the intolerant group to respect others feelings.


    The irony is that the people that bitch all day about freedom can't even stomach a community center in NYC if it's part of some religion that makes them feel icky.

    Grow the hell up people. Nation of 2 year olds.

    James T.

    Derek = Adult


    Well gnat if we are 2 year olds than you aren't even born yet.
    Which may be the reason you are unable to assimilate the words we are writing.

    This isn't about religion. It is about a cult of destruction pretending to be a religion. Because a true religion with love and kindness in their hearts would have backed away from this 5 months ago.

    No they need to build a mosque on the site they bombed with airplanes to show they won all the way around.
    They love people like you who are so stupid that you buy into their double talk.
    You are a clown to think this is anything other than a lot of money changing hands and getting muslims into a firmer hold in our Country. And the commie muslim hussein is absolutely involved in this.
    And with hamas coming out and agreeing with the commie he couldn't look less American and less Presidential if he tried.

    The commie pinko muslim hussein hates America and loves his muslim heritage.
    And you gnat are the biggest sucker on his list of obamzombies!


    Derek (and anyone else who mistakenly believes this is a "religion") - do an honest study on Islam. Discover where their leader came from, what he believed & then tell me it's not intentionally insensitive to build their facility by Ground Zero. It's on purpose to be disrespectful. That's why people have an issue w/it. I think you're the one who needs to grow up & open your eyes.


    It's an islamic version of a YMCA.

    The only insensitivity is you guys getting butthurt over nonsense.

    I mean seriously, there are millions of muslims already living in america. You want to paint them all as anti american terrorists, that's your dumbass right.


    derek, when the Catholic church was going to build a monestary near one of the Nazi death camps, and created an uproar over the "insensitivity" of doing so. You know what Pope John Paul II did? He said "Sorry, we will build somewhere else" It doesn't help that the Imam of this Islamic Center for all intents and purposes preaches the later teachings of Mohammed. In the event you are unclear as to what that means, it means, "Destroy all infidels" "It's ok to be deceitful to your enemies to make them think you are peaceful when your sole goal is to subjugate and/or obliterate all non-believers" (Granted, I am paraphrasing, but I think I got it right) so derek if anyone needs to "grow" up it's you, or at least OPEN your EYES!!


    Dawn you are right exactly right in what you say the koran teaches. anyone who has a little command sense and can read would know this.

    Sorry, derek but that does leave you out, it also explains why you give such uneducated, idiotic answers.


    It has nothing to do with education. It has to do with me not having some absurd fear of people that aren't like me.


    I mean, you all seem to be continuing in the great american tradition of making up nonsense about religious and ethnic minorities. From fearing that JFK will hand us over to the Pope to thinking Jews want to control everything. Now all of you are experts on Islam.

    Can't wait to see what stupidity your republican overlords get you ginned up on next summer.


    I mean WTF...

    Since you know so damn much about muslims, what the hell do you propose we do about them Diane and Dawn? You're essentially proposing that muslims want to subdue and kill us. A belief like that goes way beyond not allowing a community center to be built. Because they're still perfectly capable of subduing and killing us without needing an old burlington coat factory in Manhattan.

    At what point will you all feel safe from the scary brown people? Censorship? Segregation? Ghettoes?


    Oh little derek once again you know not what you talk about.

    Why Dawn and I know about Muslim is because we have gotten to know them; their culture, their way of thinking, and their religion.

    How have we done that? lets see it is called research using little tools like anthropology, the Koran, having Muslim friends, reaching out to Muslims, seeking to understand them, culturally, ethnically, and spiritually.

    Little derek it is very simple to do. When you get to know a culture and read their literature that motivates them it is easy to understand why they want to build a mosque at ground zero.

    but you little derek refuse to do even the simplest of research, so you do not understand what a grade school Muslim child understands, that building a mosque at ground zero is a bigger insult to the U. S. that showing some one the bottom of their shoe.

    oh little simple minded derek, just a little honest research would teach you so much. But at last you are just to damn lazy to do that.


    oh, by the way little derek, being to lazy to do a little research makes you an ignorant man.


    derek, what did the hand say to the face?



    derek. to add to Diane's comments...
    You said: "It has to do with me not having some absurd fear of people that aren't like me."

    Really? Seems to me you've shown a great deal of fear of Conservatives. If not, explain the labels; the many past "stupid" comments...

    And you believe this is simply a "YMCA"?


    When a country such as France takes a hard stance against Muslims being able to wear burkas, and I think that law goes too far and is silly, and America has a President that is indecisive on his stance on whether a mosque should be built near Ground Zero, just makes me wonder when the hell did France as a country grow a pair of stones, and America got castrated. I mean, come on. France.

    Karl Hungus

    How about a new children's playground next to a Catholic church?


    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

    if you believe in the Constitution and freedom you have to accept they have the right to build it on the land they own

    to point out other countries do not believe in freedom and there fore we do not have to follow our Constitution if we do not want to is childish and shows you do not understand what it is to be an American

    what has the right become so radical they no longer believe in the Constitution or America?


    Well well well.
    Stalker Jim has worked up the courage to venture back onto this site.

    When you don't have any brains(and Jim definitely does not) it comes naturally to make stupid mistakes.
    I'll start the count down... 10-9-8 LOL!

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