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August 22, 2010


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Iran went nuclear in like 2002, last time i checked.

What's crazy about the Iran conversation is that no one even talks about the obvious. That being the fact that our intelligence says Iran stopped nuclear weapons development in 2003. Yet we still get all this crazy saber rattling about Iran. It's like the Iraq war all over again. Skip the facts on the ground, skip the analysis of the consequences, go straight to the war. Hell you'll never have to fight it.


Wow those are the best bubbles ever!
That guy is awesome!


he he little derek did not watch the video again lol


cool bubbles!!


Those bubbles are awesome. The last time I was on Stinson Beach I was simply amazed by the nature of the place. There were no gnats around either.


Here's another chillout video... so refreshing after all the bad news out there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUHtQAhcKwo


You all already have very little bearing in fact or reality. Since when does one need escapism from their own self constructed bubble?


Make sure to hit the "full-screen" button for the bubbles! It makes a world of difference.


TerryN, A beach without gnats! I love it.

His need for attention is pathetic. Meds not working again.


that is way cool

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